Recommended Quilting Websites

McCall's Quilting - One of the leading quilting magazines featuring gorgeous quilting patterns perfect for DIY decor projects. McCall's features helpful how to quilt videos, free quilting blocks and patterns and the popular McCall's Quilting blog.

Quiltmaker - is the online home of Quiltmaker magazine. The website features how to quilt quilting techniques, a quilting motif of the month freebie and a collection of free quilting patterns in support of Project Linus, an organization that works to provide handmade blankets for ill or seriously traumatized young children.


Quilters Newsletter - The official website for Quilters Newsletter magazine, showcases the magazine's online quilting pattern index download, dozens of web extras including free quilting patterns and a free quilting eBooks library.

Quilt and Sew Shop - One of the best quilting stores out there, Quilt and Sew Shop is where you can find back issues of McCall's Quilting, Quiltmaker and Quilters Newsletter magazine. The site also features numerous quilting patterns, dozens of quilt kits and even embroidery designs we know you will love!


 Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting - The home of the popular quilting magazine Love of Quilting, features a listing of all upcoming quilting shows and events, numerous free quilting patterns, quilt designs and quilting tips. The site also features several handy how to to sew quilting lessons.

Shop Fons & Porter - Shop Fons & Porter is the online store for everything Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting! The site features everything from fabrics and quilting notions to quilting books and DVDS. You can even find old issues of your favorite quilting magazines on the popular site!

Quilters Club of America - The home of one of the most popular quilting communities on the Internet, also features dozens of forums for quilters looking to connect. The site features numerous quilting blogs, how to quilt videos and free quilting patterns. The site includes two levels of membership - a free membership and a paid membership that comes with more site access and numerous quilting discounts from all of your favorite brands. - Featuring over 1,000 how to quilt videos, is the premier site on the web for learning how to quilt. Popular quilting shows on the site include Quilt Out Loud, Love of Quilting and Quilter's Tips.

Keepsake Quilting - As America's favorite quilt shop, Keepsake Quilting is a great source for quilting fabrics, quilt kits and quilting tools and notions. You can also find information on the Keepsake Quilting store located in Center Harbor, NH.


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