Working With Templates


Working With Templates

Step 1.) Using a marking tool designed for drawing on plastic (an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie® pen works great), carefully trace template diagram lines onto template plastic (available in most quilt shops and fabric stores).

Step 2.) Cut out plastic templates using the outer, solid line as the cutting guide. Cut directly on the drawn line, do not cut to the inside or outside of the line.

Step 3.) Place plastic template on the fabric and draw around the template with a sharp "fabric" marking pen or pencil. Using scissors, cut out the fabric. NOTE: If the template diagrams have intersecting marks indicated on them, mark intersecting points on the wrong side of the respective fabric pieces. (Diagram I) When working with reverse pieces, draw line around template, right side up, then turn the template over and repeat the line drawing step to create the reverse piece.

Diagram I
Diagram I

Step 1.) Using the outer solid line of the template diagram as a guide, cut out the "paper" template. (TIP: Print out two sets of template diagrams for each online pattern requiring the use of templates. Keep one for your file and one to cut out.

Step 2.) Turn paper template over and place masking tape on the back. (Diagrams II, III, and IV)

Attach tape to back
Stick a small piece of masking tape to back of paper template.
Diagram II


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using templates
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