Working With Templates

Working With Templates - Page 2


Roll Tape
Roll a second piece of tape, sticky side out.
Diagram III
Attach Tape to Back of Paper
Place rolled tape on top of flat piece.
Diagram IV


NOTE: Placing a rolled piece of tape on top of another piece of tape allows for easy removal of the rolled piece, without tearing the paper template. (When cutting reverse pieces, fold fabric wrong side to wrong side or right side to right side, depending on the pattern, and cut both pieces together.)

Step 3.) Place fabric on rotary cutting mat, right side up. Aligning arrow on template with straight grain of fabric, lay paper template on fabric (rolled tape down). Press down on the taped area to temporarily adhere template to fabric.

Step 4.) Place ruler's 1/4" line on top of template's seam allowance line (broken line) on the side being cut. Begin and end cutting approximately 1/4" away from edge of template. (Diagram V)

Step 5.) Turn fabric, or mat, (tape will prevent the template from slipping out of place) and cut the next side. (Diagram VI) Continue turning and cutting until all sides have been cut. Carefully remove template/tape from fabric.

Aligning Ruler
Diagram V
Cutting Fabric
Diagram VI



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using templates
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