Setting Blocks "On-Point"

On-Point Settings

Setting quilts on point requires the addition of "setting triangles" on the sides and corners. To ensure that the straight grain of the fabric is on the outer edges of the quilt, cut quarter square side setting triangles and half square corner setting triangles. (Triangle Tips) Rows are assembled diagonally, starting at the corner. Corner setting triangles are added after rows have been sewn together. TIP: Spray bias edges lightly with fabric sizing (not starch) to help prevent them from stretching.

Setting Triangles - Measurements Include Seam Allowance
Need help cutting setting triangles? Link to "Triangle Tips" page.

No Sashing

10" (finished size) Block

12" (finished size) Block

Corner Triangles

8" Half Square

9 3/8" Half Square

Side Triangles

15 3/8" Quarter Square

18 1/4" Quarter Square

1" Sashing
(finished size)

10" (finished size) Block

12" (finished size) Block

Corner Triangles

8 5/8" Half Square

10" Half Square

Side Triangles

16 3/4" Quarter Square

19 5/8" Quarter Square

NOTE: Use the following formulas for calculating setting triangle measurements for other size blocks. Round measurements to the nearest 1/8 inch. Remember to add finished sashing measurement to block size when figuring size for setting triangles on a sashed quilt.

Corner Setting Triangles (Half Square):
... Finished size of block (e.g. 15") ÷ 1.414 + .875 = SIZE

Side Setting Triangles (Quarter Square):
... Finished size of block (e.g. 15") x 1.414 + 1.25 = SIZE

When setting quilts on point remember to use the diagonal measurement to determine how many blocks you will need for the quilt. If you are using a 10" block the measurement would be 14 1/8" (10 x 1.414) Example: Four blocks across and five down measures 56 1/2" x 70 5/8" before the borders are added.

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Lesson on On-Point Settings helps me when I adjust the block size of Nap Time Quilt
Thank you for this lesson. Now I know how to calculate the size of fabric to cut for setting triangles.


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