Making Perfect Small Appliqué Circles

Robert Callaham
Making Perfect Small Appliqué Circles

Making Circles

Some people use washers to form perfect small circles for appliqué, but I always lose them, plus they're not always the right size. I like to cut my circle templates from Templar®, a heat-resistant template material like a heavy Mylar. Mark the circle template on the wrong side of the fabric, then cut it out, allowing room for a 1/4" turn-under allowance. Stitch a running stitch about 1/8" beyond the marked line, then pull on the thread to close the turn-under allowance around the template. Spray the fabric circle with starch, press it with an iron on cotton setting, and let it dry. Pull out the template with tweezers and draw the thread closed until the circle pops back into shape. Finally, appliqué your perfectly round cherry, or berry, or whatever it may be!

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Templar material
You can check your local quilt shop and/or Joann's or Michael's for heat-resistant template material. One of these should be able to help you. - Kathy
Templar material/fabric?
Where do you buy this? Can you cut it in any shape, and does it work with any applique?


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