Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments

Designed by Ellie Brown

Materials needed per ornament
Circle Templates (PDF file)
1 sheet 8 1/2" x 11" printer paper
1 sheet unprinted scrap paper (bigger than printer paper)
10" x 12" rectangle of fabric
Spray adhesive (such as 3M Spray Mount)
White craft glue
Small ruler
8" piece of 1/4" wide ribbon

Assembly Instructions
1. Download and print Circle Templates
Print provided circle templates on printer paper (or draw 1 1/2" diameter circle with three sided triangle in the center). Print 20 circle templates for each star ornament.

2. Glue the paper to the fabric
We recommend using the spray adhesive outdoors or in an area with good ventilation. Do not wear contact lenses while using spray. Center printed template page (pattern side down) on unprinted scrap paper. Using spray adhesive, spray evenly across the paper surface until a consistent even coat is applied. Spray will overlap onto scrap paper. Lay 10" x 12" fabric rectangle on flat surface (right side down). Remove template page from scrap paper and center on fabric (glue side to back of fabric). Use slight pressure to adhere the paper to fabric; rub until flat. Let dry.












3. Cut and fold
Cut out 20 glued circle templates/fabric. Note: Be sure to cut off the black template line so it won't show on ornament edge. Using a ruler (on fabric side) with the ruler's edge positioned on the marked paper template triangle line as guide, fold 3 edges of circle towards fabric side to form tabs (Diagram I).

Diagram 1

4. Assemble with craft glue
Using 5 circles, glue paper side of 1 tab (of 1 circle) to paper side of 1 tab of next circle, creating a shape with an inner star point (Diagram II). Be sure edges adhere accurately, especially at inner star point. Note: Shape will not lie flat. Make 3. Referring to photo, glue shapes together to make an incomplete sphere with 5 spaces open. Fill in spaces with remaining pieces. Before gluing last piece, knot ends of 8" piece of ribbon together and glue to inside corner of the last opening with ribbon loop out. Glue in last section of sphere.

Diagram 2

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