Glossary of Quilting Terms

Outline quilting ... Stitching that is made outside or inside the seam lines of patchwork or appliqué.

Patchwork ... The composite of pieces sewn together to form a large piece, such as a quilt.

Quick cutting ... the process of cutting fabric into strips and pieces using a rotary cutter, a thick, clear plastic ruler, and a cutting mat.

Quick piecing ... The machine-sewing method for joining fabric, instead of cutting it into pattern pieces.

Quick Triangles ... A grid system method to make half-square triangle squares.

Quilting ... The small, running stitches made through the layers of a quilt -- top, batting and backing -- to form decorative patterns on the surface of the quilt and to hold the layers together.

Quilting thread ... A heavy cotton thread that is used for hand quilting.

Raw edge ... The cut side of fabric.

Sashing ...The fabric that separates blocks in a setting, framing them and making the quilt larger. There are two basic kinds of sashing -- continuous and sashing with sashing posts.

Satin stitch ... A side-by-side stitch that resembles satin when completed.

Seam allowance ... The margin of fabric between the seam and the raw edge. For quilting, it is 1/4".

Seam line ... The guideline that the sewer follows while stitching.

Selvage ... The lengthwise finished edge on each side of the fabric.

Set or setting ... The organization of blocks in a quilt top.

Setting square ... The plain block or square used with patchwork or appliquéd blocks in a setting.

Setting triangle ... A triangle placed between blocks along the sides of a diagonal-set quilt.



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