Dolly’s Day Out Web Bonus

This adorable paper doll fabric can be enjoyed in many ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Flannel Board Play: For safe fun in the car or a quiet activity anywhere, mount flannel or felt on a sturdy piece of cardboard. Cut out dolls, clothes, and accessories for flannel board play anytime.

Soft Fabric Book: Centering dolls, cut squares of your desired size from fabric. Back half of the squares with fusible fleece. Place unbacked square, right sides together and raw edges aligned, on backed square. Stitch together on all sides, leaving large opening for turning on one side edge. Turn right side out, smooth edges, tuck seam allowances of opening to the inside, and press to make page. Make as many pages as you wish. Stack and align pages with openings all on same side (forming the spine of the book). Pin or baste together. Machine-stitch all pages together 1/4” from edge of spine. Bind spine of book. Back clothes and accessories fabric with fusible interfacing, cut out on printed lines, removing tabs. Have fun dressing the dolls in your book!

Birthday Card: Back fabric with stiff fusible interfacing. Cut out on lines and glue to folded pieced of cardstock. Cut out a few outfits and put loose into the envelope for a fun and memorable card.

Dolly Mobile: Follow instructions in magazine to make paper dolls, except, don’t cut bottom of doll with Template C shape. Instead, cut feet and legs out on printed lines and leave an extra inch of fabric above doll’s head. Use a hole punch to make a hole above doll’s head, thread a piece of yarn through, and tie a knot. Make a frame from wire hangers or wooden dowels and attach other end of yarn to frame. Hang several together for a soft, touchable mobile.

Clothes Pocket: Sew a pocket to the back of your quilt and fill it with cut-out clothes and accessories (backed with fusible interfacing) for quiet fun at bedtime.

Notebook and Lunch Box Décor: Back fabric with fusible interfacing and cut out doll of choice. Using child-safe glue, adhere doll to front of notebook or lunch box for a one-of-a-kind school accessory.

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dollys day out
in doing this quilt i felt the the stiching around the dolls was boring !!! so i added lace !!!! really looks like a little girls quilt !!!vickie baldwin
Finally getting the Paper Dolls done.
Wonderful ideas, and trying as many as I can for the girls, they love just playing with the fabric. Will do the quilt and a book with the dolls.


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