Preparing Quilt

When quilting is complete, stitch a scant 1/4˝ inside quilt raw edges, through all layers. Trim backing and batting even with the raw edge of quilt top, making sure corners are trimmed to an accurate 90º angle.


Making Binding Strips

Quilt binding can be cut on the bias or straight of grain. Use a continuous strip of bias for a quilt that will be used frequently or has scalloped edges and rounded corners. Refer to "How To Make Continuous Bias" for making continuous bias binding. For bias or straight-grain double-fold binding, cut 2 1/2" wide strips of fabric and fold in half, wrong sides together.

Piecing Binding Strips


Join strips with diagonal seams (Diagram I) and press seams open, to make a strip long enough to bind quilt edges (perimeter of your quilt plus 10˝ for mitering corners and joining ends).

Diagram I


Attaching Binding to Quilt

Using 45° line on ruler, trim beginning tail of binding at 45° angle (Diagram II). Diagram II


Diagram III Fold binding in half, wrong sides together, and press. Beginning in the middle of one side of the quilt and leaving a 6˝ tail loose, align raw edges of binding with trimmed quilt edge (Diagram III).  Pin in place if needed.
Diagram IV Using a walking foot or even-feed foot, stitch binding to quilt edge, using 1/4˝ seam allowance. Stop 1/4˝ from corner and backstitch (Diagram IV).


Remove quilt from machine and turn
it 90°. Fold binding up, forming a
45°-angle (Diagram V).                                                   
Diagram V
Fold binding back down over itself,
aligning fold with cut edge of quilt sandwich. Beginning 1/4˝ from edge (the same point at which you stopped stitching the first side), stitch next side (Diagram VI), backstitching at beginning and end of seam. Repeat for remaining sides and corners.
Diagram VI


Finishing the Ends

Photo A When approaching the starting point, stop stitching at least 12˝ from where you started. Align raw edges of binding with cut edge of quilt sandwich. Open ending tail of binding (Photo A) and pin in place.


Open beginning tail of binding and smooth it over ending tail, keeping binding raw edge aligned with cut edge of quilt sandwich. Draw 45° line on ending tail, tracing along trimmed edge of beginning tail (Photo B). Photo B
Draw a second line 1/2˝ out from the first drawn line (Photo C), making sure 2nd drawn line adds 1/2˝ to the length of binding strip.
Photo C


Cut on 2nd line (Photo D).                                      Photo D
Place binding cut edges right sides together, aligning cut edges and offsetting points so strips match 1/4˝ from edge (Photo E). Sew seam and press open. Photo E


Photo F Press loose portion of binding in half lengthwise. Align with edge of quilt and finish stitching binding to quilt.

Fold binding to back, far enough to cover trimmed edges snugly and cover the stitches that attach the binding to the quilt (Photo F).


Finish Binding

Blindstitch by hand to back of quilt to finish off binding.

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