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Quilt Block Pattern

Jackson Star

Size: 12" Finished
Advanced Level

Cutting Instructions
1/4" seam allowance included in measurements

Jackson Star

Background ... Color #1
.....1A - Cut eight 3 3/4" quarter square triangles
.....2B - Cut four 2 1/4" squares
.....1C - Cut four 2 1/4" x 4" rectangles

Purple with Flower ... Color #2
.....For non-Kaleidoscope diamonds: Cut 2 strips 1 3/4" x 44". Using 45 degree angle on ruler, cut 24 diamonds (see cutting diagrams).

Stripe ... Fabric #3
.....Cut strip 1 3/4" x 44". Using 45 degree angle on ruler, cut 8 diamonds.

Pink ... Fabric #4
.....Cut four 2 1/4" squares

Purple ... Fabric #5
.....Cut one 4" square

Cutting Diamonds

Cutting Diamonds
Diagram I

For Kaleidoscope design: Make a diamond shaped plastic template including seam line. (See Diagram II.) With right side of fabric up select a motif and center the template on top of it (ignore grain line). Trace an outline of the motif directly onto the plastic using a marking tool of your choice. Mark the fabric around the template and cut it out. Using guidelines drawn on the template, mark and cut out 23 more identical pieces. Erase guidelines if you are making more than one block. Trace new guidelines for each motif.

Drafting Dia
          <font size=
Diagram II

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