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Beth Hayes shows how to transfer template shapes (for both piecing and appliqué) from a magazine pattern section to template plastic. Includes tips for marking and using match points. If you have problems running the video, click here for troubleshooting tips.


Step-by-Step Instructions...

Working With Templates

Step 1.) Using a marking tool designed for drawing on plastic (an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie® pen works great), carefully trace template diagram lines onto template plastic (available in most quilt shops and fabric stores).

Step 2.) Cut out plastic templates using the outer, solid line as the cutting guide. Cut directly on the inside edge of the drawn line.

Step 3.) Place plastic template on the fabric and draw around the template with a sharp "fabric" marking pen or pencil. Using scissors, cut out the fabric. NOTE: If the template diagrams have intersecting marks indicated on them, mark intersecting points (match points or registration marks) on the wrong side of the respective fabric pieces. (Diagram I) When working with reverse pieces, draw line around template, right side up, then turn the template over and repeat the line drawing step to create the reverse piece.

Diagram I
Diagram I

Step 1.) Using the outer solid line of the template diagram as a guide, cut out the "paper" template. (TIP: Print or copy two sets of template diagrams for each pattern requiring the use of templates. Keep one for your file and one to cut out.

Step 2.) Turn paper template over and place masking tape on the back. (Diagrams II, III, and IV)

Attach tape to back
Stick a small piece of masking tape to back of paper template.
Diagram II

Roll Tape
Roll a second piece of tape, sticky side out.
Diagram III
Attach Tape to Back of Paper
Place rolled tape on top of flat piece.
Diagram IV

NOTE: Placing a rolled piece of tape on top of another piece of tape allows for easy removal of the rolled piece, without tearing the paper template. (When cutting reverse pieces, fold fabric wrong side to wrong side or right side to right side, depending on the pattern, and cut both pieces together.)

Step 3.) Place fabric on rotary cutting mat, right side up. Aligning arrow on template with straight grain of fabric, lay paper template on fabric (rolled tape down). Press down on the taped area to temporarily adhere template to fabric.

Step 4.) Place ruler's ¼" line on top of template's seam allowance line (broken line) on the side being cut. Begin and end cutting approximately ¼" away from edge of template. (Diagram V)

Step 5.) Turn fabric, or mat, (tape will prevent the template from slipping out of place) and cut the next side. (Diagram VI) Continue turning and cutting until all sides have been cut. Carefully remove template/tape from fabric.

Aligning Ruler
Diagram V
Cutting Fabric
Diagram VI


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Making Templates
Thank you. Lots of useful tips and info. Pace was excellent for me to write things down and time to process the info.
making templets
i have never made a templet your video was very easy to understand. Thank you for speaking so clear and slow enough for me to make my notes.
Thank You
Lots of good tips and info. Also appreciate speaking clearly and not too fast. So many others are hard catch all that they are saying. Thanks, great job.
Speed rate of Speech
You are speaking too slow and precise. Suggest you speak at a normal rate to keep viewers interest. Appreciate the good tips and pointers. Thank you.
Doesn't work on iPad
You would think someone would consider Ipad users. Oh well....on to watch those that are compatible
to much music
It was hard to follow along with all the background music. You might consider not having music next time. Thanks.
far too complicated
It is much easier to photocopy the templates and glue the pieces to the back of the plastic. All the markings are there.
Spinning L block
I love the look of this pattern. How can I print a copy of it to try, together with the templates?


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