Making Quilt Labels


  • Always identify your quilts. Attach a label that tells who, when, where, and any other pertinent information you may want to add.
  • Reduce or enlarge the design, using a copy machine, to make any size label.
  • Trace motif onto fabric of your choice using a permanent, waterproof pen. Trace outside line using a washable marking pencil of your choice. (Appliqué guideline)
  • Cut fabric 1/4" away from traced line for seam allowance.

Tip: Cut a piece of freezer paper larger than the label. Press paper, using a dry iron, to the wrong side of the fabric, shiny side against fabric. Trace the design. The paper will help to make the process of tracing the lines easier. After design has been traced, remove the paper.


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Please do a video example
I, too, am having trouble with these written instructions.
RE: Please do a video example
Thank you all for your suggestions! We will add making a quilt label to our upcoming video shooting schedule. Check back soon! -Kathy-
Please do a video example
I am a very visual learner and have a hard time with written instruction. I have learned to quilt completely by watching videos. Please help me to learn this very important part of quilting.
Example needed
Freezer paper is not a bad idea, but still need a visual. I like to sew my labels in right along with the binding. Then blind stitch the other portion onto the quilt back when you fold over and hand stitch the binding.
good instructions but a visual idea would have been very useful.
good instructions but a visual idea would have been very useful.
These are very good instructions which I will utilize; however, I was expecting an example.


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