Continuous Bias

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Turn a square of fabric into yards of continuous bias quilt binding the fast and easy way! Beth Hayes takes the mystery out of this near-magical technique with her step-by-step demonstration. If you have problems running the video, click here for troubleshooting tips.


Step-by-Step Instructions.

Step 1 - Measure the quilt to determine how many inches of binding you need. Allow 10" extra for turning corners and the closure. The equation is: [(height of quilt + width of quilt) x 2] + 10. Refer to chart to find the size square needed.

Size square to Cut
Bias Strip
Bias Strip
Bias Strip
Bias Strip
110˝ 14˝ square 16˝ square 18˝ square 20˝ square
220˝ 19˝ square 23˝ square 26˝ square 28˝ square
340˝ 23˝ square 28˝ square 32˝ square 35˝ square
480˝ 28˝ square 33" square 37˝ square 40˝ square

Step 2. Cut the square in half diagonally (Diagram I).

Diagram I

Step 3. With right sides together, sew the triangles together with a 1/4" seam and press open.

Step 4. On fabric wrong side long edges, draw lines to make strips of your chosen binding width (Diagram II). Use a clear acrylic rotary ruler and a pencil or fine-point permanent pen to draw the lines.

Diagram II


Step 5. Bring the short diagonal edges together, forming a tube (Diagram III). Offset the drawn lines by one strip. With right sides together, match lines with pins at the 1/4" seamline and stitch seam; press open.

Step 6. With scissors, cut along continuously drawn line.

Diagram III

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Continuous Binding
My first attempt and thanks to the video it's a success. I pieced strips from scraps of the quilt body, joined them to make a square and then followed the video instructions. A little more work than using a fabric square but it's worth the extra time. I love it and will in the future make all my sewing projects bindings with this video. Thank you!
Making continous binding
Thank you so much! I dont think I will ever buy bias tape again. AWESOME VIDEO!!!
bias binding
Excellent!! Thank you sooo much1
Great video
I have watched 4 videos ,this is the best one .I have made continuous binding before ,just by luck 2 turned out right 2 went in the trash .
Best videa
I love this video!! I am fairly new to quilting and use it each time I make continuous bias. Thanks for such a clear and helpful video.
bias tape
learned something new today.. thank you..just started making quilts.. have sewn since i was 11... best video on making bias tape,,ty
continous bias binding
I have to agree with everyone this is the best binding video I have seen. You are a great teacher you have made it look alot easier. thank you
Continous Bias Binding
This is the best bias binding instructions I have ever seen! Thank you for the bonus on sizes!!
Cutting Bias Binding
This looks a lot easier than other methods I have tried. I appreciate the size squares for the length too.
Continuous bias binding
I have tried this before and have to watch a video each time before I do it. This video is very clear and will be my go to video. I also appreciate the chart for the size of square to cut to get the proper amount of binding.
Continuous line binding
Great video. Made it look a lot easier than other videos I've seen.
Thank-you very much for this information. You have just saved me from a very severe headache.
Mar2, if you're using 2 1/2" wide strips, you'll get about 500" or 13 3/4 yards of continuous bias from a 40" square of fabric.
Thank-you for your reply Kathy. Would you be able to tell me how to calculate the amount of bias binding in inches that I would get from a 40" square?
Mar2, you can definitely do this with a fabric square up to 40". I've done it myself many times! -Kathy-
Thank-you for your excellent video. Can I use this method with a 40 X 40" square of fabric or would it be too large to handle?
Fantastic video - thanks
Watching the video made this very easy. The only thing I did differently was to offset the last seam to the left, so that I could hold the strip with my left hand and cut with my right, as I am right-handed. I noticed that in the video, cutting with the right hand seemed awkward with the strip on the right. With the offset on the right, it seems better for a left-hander.
Thanks for the easy continuous bias video!
I needed to make a few pillow with cording. I usually get mixed up seeing the flat diagrams in my books. However, this step-by-step hands-on video is just what I needed. I don't make continuous bias too often, but I'll refer back to this video when needed. Thanks again.
Have already used this twice. Made bias tape for cording and bias double fold to act decoration. Great to use my own fabrics.
This took what looked so complicated elsewhere and turned it into something so simple even a youngster could do this. Thanks sooooo much! I will use this over and over, got it bookmarked.
RE: video
RhondaCrisp, we're not aware of a way to copy the video, but it's in our permanent library and should be available on an ongoing basis. Come back and watch again anytime!
Is there a way to copy this video?
It is so easy to understand. Thank you.
great video
OMG, this will be so much easier, I can't wait to go down and try it, thanks for the great easy instructions...
Easier way to cut strip of fabric
I loop the fabric overthe ironing board and cut with in on the ironing board. You can rotate the fabric much easier.
Thank you!
This was my third reference on my first attempt at continuous bias binding. I had a comprehensive sewing manual which had the basics but I got lost along the way and then found a YouTube video which had me confused as well. So I watched your video with pencil lines already on my fabric. I was prepared to throw the whole thing in the trash and purchase the binding at the craft store, but instead I now have the custom binding from the fabric I chose. Thank you so much for your excellent tutorial!
The best tutorial ever
I watched several other tutorials before I came across yours. You explained every step and now even I feel like I can give it a try and not fail - Thank you
Continuous Bias Binding
Wonderful video -- Beth did such a good job of explaining every aspect of making continuous bias binding. Marking each side with 1 and 2 makes it easier to know where to join for seams. Thank you so much!
Excellent teaching video
I appreciate the quiet, careful instruction. I'm cutting a binding to finish a quilt for a wedding gift and needed some help to do this quickly. Thank you.
this was a great tutorial! I usually have more questions when following a teacher, but this went so smoothly. I am so amazed with myself! I will definitely use this method again and again. Making "Summer at Mom"s and am using this for the vines. Thank you.
I'm not a quilter. I wanted to make a long strip of check fabric cut in the bias to use as a ruffle for the edge of some white sheer curtain panels. I used a 54 inch x 54 inch square of the raspberry check fabric. My curtains were to be 94 inches in length. My strips were 3.5 inches wide. I had more than enough to make the ruffle for the curtains. The main thing was writing the numbers on each side to match each side and then sew them together. It was the PERFECT directions for me! Great job Beth Hayes! The best directions on the internet! Thank You!!!
Great video!
After watching your video, I made bias binding for the first time and it turned out pretty well. I'll be using it for a scalloped-edge quilt. Hope it goes on smoothly; it's my first scalloped edge. Thanks for the great demo!!
2 1/4 inch binding
My post should read 360 inches of binding.
2 1/4 inch binding
I also like to use the 2 1/4 inch binding but it is not on the chart. How big should the square be for 360' of binding. Or how do you figure it yourself without the chart? Thanks.
Thank you!!
I am so grateful you shared this video. The numbering was the key!! I have tried this over and over and for some reason, it wouldn't work. I know it will now after your detailed video demo. Thank you!!
Thank You!
Beth--thanks for making this video. I know how to make continuous binding but it is always confusing. I did not know about numbering the sides. This clears up everything. Thanks!
continuous bias video
Thanks Beth, I really appreciate your video. I keep forgetting the part where you put your 2 numbers and the part where you draw lines. I think I'll remember now. You are wonderful!
Helpful video
I had a neighbor help me make a continuous bias almost 30 years ago and I forgot how to do it. This video was like sitting in my neighbor's sewing room getting a personal lesson!
Continuous Bias Binding
The absolute BEST site for the most accurate and detailed instructions. Would have saved much time and frustration if I had found this first. Thank You Beth!
Continuous Bias Binding
I have searched and searched for a site that shows every step for this procedure and this one was extremely helpful!! The others did not explain it all like Kathy does!! Thank you!!
Continuous Bias Binding
I stumbled on this article and want to share with you...I made a pattern of this years ago and misplaced it. If you make the pattern and mark the straight grain of fabric you can lay this out on fabric without the center seam. I love this shortcut!
Continuous Bias Binding
This is great for utility quilts but I would not use it for show or "good" quilts because the seams go both directions. I was taught the mark of a good binding is all seams go the same direction.
Continuous bias video
Awesome! Finally I know how to do this - books just don't explain it well. Including the chart was very thoughtful. Thank you
Continous Bias Binding
great insttuctions!
Continuous binding video
Have made this for many years. However, marking each side 1 or 2 makes this process so much easier. Thank you Beth.
continuous bias video
Thank you. I will try.
Your continuous bias video
I learned to do this 20 years ago, but chose not to use the process. You added one step that we did not do. You marked the cutting line before the last stitching of seams. KUDOS I may use it again.
I like this but wish the video was close captioned. I had pause the video to check the directions tomake sure I knew what she was doing when.
Thanks Kathy
"Good things come to those who wait!" I haven't visited this site in quite some time - and Voila! - Kathy has provided me with some valuable info. Thanks for the update!
1 1/2˝ Strips
Hi charbroiled, we've added a column for 1 1/2˝. Thanks for the suggestion! - Kathy
Thank you, thank you !
I have recently been adding bias binding, piping and corded piping to most of my sewing projects (quilted and non-quilted). I am familiar with this method of producing lots of bias but have never seen info for the amount of fabric required to produce particular lengths. (I only wish you had included info for 1 1/2" strips - which is the standard width for plain and corded piping) Anyway - thanks tons!!


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