Basic Quiltmaking Supplies

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New to quilting? Start here with expert advice! Kathy Hannah examines basic equipment and supplies to help with beginning quiltmaking. Supplies for both machine and hand work are explored. If you have problems running the video, click here for troubleshooting tips.



The basic supplies are broken down into 3 parts: general supplies, supplies for machine piecing and quilting, and supplies for hand piecing and quilting.

General Supplies

    •    Rotary Cutter and Mat (At least 18˝ x 24˝)
    •    Scissors (2 pair – 1 for fabric and 1 for paper/template plastic)
    •    Rulers (at least 6˝ x 24˝, and 12˝ x 12˝)
    •    Iron (steam & non-stick soleplate)
    •    Ironing Surface
    •    Starch alternative (Mary Ellen’s, Sizing, Water)

Marking Tools
    •    Chalk Pencil
    •    Sewline pencils
    •    Erasers
Good, straight, thin quilting pins
Fabric (100% cotton quilting fabrics)
Seam Ripper
Template Plastic

Machine Piecing and Quilting

Sewing Machine - it does not have to be expensive, but should have the following:
    •    Needle down
    •    Walking Foot or IDT
    •    ¼˝ foot (for piecing)
    •    Darning foot or free-motion foot (for machine quilting)
Machine Needles
    •    Universal or Jeans ok for piecing
    •    Quilting, Miltex, Topstitch for quilting
    •    Cotton for piecing (tan or grey)
    •    Thread in colors to match/complement your quilt (for quilting)
Safety Pins for basting

Hand Piecing and Quilting

    •    Package of Sharps (for Hand Piecing & Applique)
    •    Package of Betweens (8 – 12 – for Hand Quilting)
Quilting Hoop or Frame
Thimble to fit the middle finger of your sewing hand.
    •    Cotton for piecing (tan or grey)
    •    Quilting Thread in colors to match your fabrics for quilting
Thread Heaven

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