Value as a Quilt Design Element

McQ U - Value as a Quilt Design ElementWatch the video...

Art director Ellie Brown discusses the use of value (darkness or lightness of fabric) in quilt design. Includes tips and video effects to clearly see value, and advice for combining fabrics in quilts.


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Value glasses
I have seen advertising for glasses with red lenses that take the colour away from fabrics so you can select value, rather than fabric colour/print. What an amazing idea! May even work with red cellophane. Must try this, but your tips are very useful for a beginner quilter. Choosing fabrics is difficult so any advise is appreciated.
Value video info
This is helpful for me as a new quilter. Picking fabrics will now be more fun!
Value video
This video was very helpful.
Value Scale Information
This video explained how to choose quilting material by value. This is an excellent video for anyone who might use a value scale. Thank You A++++


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