Two Scoop Sundae

Two Scoop Sundae

Fat quarter friendly assembled units create a surprise secondary pattern in this sweet twin-size quilt!

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copyright question
people on ebay are cutting out and selling patterns Isn't that copy right Don't the patterns belong to the magazine there is one lady who is making lots of money doing this We pay lots of money for our subscriptions and she sells some for onely .99 but sold another for 12.00 The item number on thisebay seller is 271407183766. It is the same pattern from your fall 09 Fast Quilts called Two Scoop Sunday
Response to looking for a pattern
Hi Bevie, Please email us at - we can provide a copy of out-of-print patterns for a nominal fee. Thanks!
looking for a pattern
Hi , I 'm looking for a pattern for the quilt called "Two Scoop Sundae" I can't find it any where, I've tried looking for the Magazine that its in and I can't find that either, its in the America makes fast quilts fall of 2009, so if anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks Bev. in Lansing MI.


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