Simple Fusible Appliqué

McQ U - Simple Fusible AppliqueWatch our video...

Laura Stone Roberts demonstrates the use of paper-backed fusible web in appliquéing shapes to fabric backgrounds. Includes three options for further secure shapes with edge stitching.


Step-by-Step Instructions...

1.) Trace templates without seam allowances on paper side of paper-backed fusible web.

2.) Cut out, leaving a small margin beyond the drawn lines.

3.) Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse to wrong side of appliqué fabric.

4.) Cut out on drawn line.

5.) Position appliqué on quilt where desired, and fuse to quilt following manufacturer's instructions.

6.) Finish appliqué edges by machine using a buttonhole stitch, satin stitch, or stitch of your choice. For tips on machine buttonhole stitch, refer to our Bodacious Blanket Stitching by Machine tutorial.

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Question By Cjhmom3
Thank you Kathy Patterson for the help!
machine embriodery
Amazing tutorial on applique, this increase my interest more in machine embroidery
When sewing the applique, should the batting and back be in place as well. Or do you just sew the applique to the top part of the quilt?
Fusible Web and Stabilizer
Yes, you might often want to use fusible web and stabilizer in the same project. The fusible web attaches applique shapes to the underlying layer of fabric, and the stabilizer can be put underneath the applique before doing edge stitching so the stitches will have a nicer appearance. This is especially useful if fabrics are a bit flimsy, or the stitching to be done is decorative, very heavy, or otherwise likely to distort the applique fabric. We recommend you always do a test using the fabrics, fusible web, stabilizer, and thread that will go into your project and play until you get the results you are looking for. Hope this helps!
What is the difference between fusible web and stabilizer?
Would a pattern call for both fusible web and stablilizer and why?
Response to Janos125
The Teddy Bear Appliqué is from Theodore and Theodora, patterned in Quick Quilts June/July 2011. Digital back issue is available at our Quilt and Sew Shop:
Teddy Applique
Great tutorial. I love the Teddy Bear Applique you show on a quilt in your video. Where can one get the template?
Online sources of fusible web
Hi Montha, Fusible web is available on most quilting websites including,, and many quilt shop websites as well. It's wonderful stuff! And thanks for commenting. Laura Roberts
paper backed fusible for applique
You can use any fusible web as long as it's an appropriate weight for the fabric type you are using. If you have any questions, you can probably ask a clerk where you are buying it.
fusible Applicte
I enjoyed this wish there was more information as to what material of fusible is used?
Good teacher
I was love you so much. But my problems is I 'm can't find that kind of paper in Thailand. Any one can guide me any wed sit that I can made it order. Thank you in advance/ montha
Fantastic Tutorial
Thank you so much!! I'm fairly new to quilting and I've been affraid to try applique, but after your tutorial I'm ready to give it a try.
Slow load
Hi crtodd - If you just pause the video when you first see it and give it about 30 seconds to load, it should play continuously. Thanks! - Kathy
Slow Loading
I loved this video, but had to finally stop trying to watch it because it buffered so badly. It would play for a few seconds, then load for a long time. I have a very fast connection, and don't have problems with other videos. Hope you can fix this problem soon!


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