Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Finalist Sally Becker

    Sally Becker

McCall's Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Amateur Category

Sally Becker
Wasau, Wisconsin







How long I've been quilting... I guess the bug bit after watching my sister-in-law Marilyn so much.  She is so prolific that her pieces just awe me & made me want to know more.

My quilting style is... I clasify my style as traditional with a twist.  If I follow a pattern I usually put my own spin into it.

Other quilt design contests I've entered... I remember entering a contest many years ago, but for the life of me I cannot remember where or when.

People who inspired me... I consider Marilyn to be my mentor - she encouraged me in the beginning & truly inspired me to push myself further.

Sally at her sewing machineI draw my inspiration from... I get my inspiration from just about everywhere, but mostly from the catalogues and magazines.  

My Favorite techniques... I cannot think of a technique I know that I don't like.  I like to use variety and not any one technique too much at one time.  

Colors or fabrics I'm attracted to... All colors and fabrics attract me.  When I look at the fabric I will look at the color before I look at the print.

My fabric stash... My stash is ecclectic, there are fabrics of all colors and patterns but my 30's stash is the largest.Sally's stash

My quilting community... I belong to the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild.  The main focus of the group is doing charity quilts for Wrap A Smile and Wrap Them In Love.  In the last couple of years, because of the cost of shipping I have shifted my charity work locally.

My other hobbies and interests... Beside quilting I like to read and play piano.

I entered Quilt Design Star™ 2012 because... I entered this contest because I wanted to and I knew I had a pretty good chance to win at least one phase of the contest.

Current charity quiltsLinks... I do have a Facebook and Pinterest page and can be found by just using my name - Sally Becker.  I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to this contest.

I would also like to share... I am a retired wife/mother and grandmother who is absolutely obsessed with quilting. I make tons of quilts for charity & never have a problem finding a home for them. This past January I gave 31 quilts to our local Woman's Shelter.  I have also given about 100 to the Veteran's Hospital in Madison, WI. over the last 5 years.


New Dawn (below) is Sally's Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Amateur Category entry quilt.

New Dawn by Sally Becker

Midnight at Grampsland (below) is Sally's Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Amateur Category Challenge 1 quilt top.

Midnight at Grampsland by Sally Becker



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Which should I vote for????
Awesome quilts,Sally. Both are beautiful works of art. I can see why you call the bears quilt "Grampsland" because of your husbands love of the bears in your woods, and the military quilt is so well designned and beautiful, also. I think I would have to vote for the "New Dawn" for the patroitism effect of the quilt. It's just beautiful!


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