Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Finalist Renelda Peldunas Harter

    Renelda Peldunas-Harter

McCall's Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Professional Category

Renelda Peldunas Harter
Purcellville, VA







How long I've been quilting... About 30 years.

I began quilting because... Quilting was something I had not been taught to do as a child by my mother. I could knit, crochet, did crewel and needlepoint – quilting was my next challenge!

Quilted Cora SwimsMy quilting style is... I do not have a particular quilting style. I’m drawn to geometric shapes and anything to do with nature and my surroundings.

Other quilt design contests I've entered... I have never entered a quilt design contest.

People who inspired me... I’m generally not inspired by a specific person to design a quilt. When making quilts for my sons when they were young, they each inspired a quilt in their own way – an outer space quilt and a cat quilt – however, outer space boy became a Mechanical Engineer and cat boy became a Chemical Engineer, I’m still trying to figure out what an Engineer Quilt would look like (other than have straight lines, sharp points and perfect 90° angles!).

I draw my inspiration from... or My imagination is sparked by... Most of my inspiration comes from nature. I live in a rural setting with some trees, open grasslands and a huge pond. I like to use a Bargello background to give the sense of an outdoor/under water scene and then appliqué fish, wild flowers, birds, etc. onto the Bargello to complete the scene.

My Favorite techniques... I love to do 9 in sq/12 in sq/15 in sq Bargello blocks, which I call ”Julep‘ Blocks, and arrange them in interesting patterns and layouts.  Bargello definitely appeals to my geometric side!

Colors or fabrics I'm attracted to... I am drawn to jewel tone colors – sapphires, rubies and emeralds! Looking at my quilts I do have a preponderance of blue themed quilts.

My fabric stash... My stash occupies the closet of my sewing room like General Patton occupied France! All fabric is sorted into either batiks or non-batiks. Batiks and non-batiks are further sorted by color into bins. Bins are stacked along two walls, the batik wall and the non-batik wall. Most of my fabric measures between fat quarters to yard cuts. The blue bin’s top never seems to be able to close!

My quilting community... Mason Dixon Quilt Professionals Network (MDQPN) is a group of about 25 professional quilters/artists from VA, MD, DC, PA who meet, challenge, share, write, inform and network.  

Haymarket Quilters Unlimited (HQU) is a small branch of the larger Quilters Unlimited, a Northern Virginia mega quilt guild (14 chapters and counting!). The Haymarket QU is a great mix of quilters; from novices to published quilters and every level in between. They are a very inspiring group of ladies who are always learning/teaching new techniques and making charity quilts.

My other hobbies and interests... As a retiree, non-quilting pursuits take a lot of my time. I enjoy being a docent at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, specifically in the Hall of Human Origins. I am the President of the Loudoun Breast Health Network, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, all volunteer organization which helps the women and families in Loudoun County Virginia who are undergoing breast cancer treatment.

I entered Quilt Design Star™ 2012 because...  I enjoy challenges, and designing quilts which tell a story or portray an event is very rewarding for me. I just started gearing up for the Quiltmaker’s 100 Block magazine Blog Tour when Carolyn Beam, Creative Editor of Quiltmaker informed us about the McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ Challenge.  Since I was extremely busy and already had too much on my plate I decided to enter!

Links... QuiltedCora.blogspot.com

What you should know about me… I love to travel with my husband and I find inspiration for new designs everywhere I go, if traveling to/on/around water, so much the better! I am addicted to Sudoku having earned at least a black belt for completing the Sunday edition of Samurai Sudoku. I used to like to garden, however, every year I plant veggies and flowers around the yard and all that remains in the fall are weeds. Next year I’m planting only weeds – and I bet only veggies and flowers will come up (I am a dreamer, aren’t I?)!

My publishing history... Type

I would also like to share... I work on a blog for Quilted Cora (QC) who is my version of Flat Stanley (any First Grader can tell you who Flat Stanley is). I am QC’s ”peep‘ – short for ”people‘ or ”support staff‘ – she lets me travel to Quilt Markets with her, she takes me to classes she teaches and museums she visits, all while chronicling her adventures. She invites you to keep up with her at QuiltedCora.blogspot.com as she chronicles her latest project – turning ”Storm at Sea‘ into something the McCall’s people and you, her fans, will love!


Colonel's Stars (below) is Renelda's Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Professional Category entry quilt.

Colonel's Stars by Renelda Peldunas Harter

Turtles at Sea (below) is Renelda's Quilt Design Star™ 2012 Professional Category Challenge 1 quilt top.

Turtles at Sea by Renelda Peldunas Harter



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