Quilt Binding 4 of 4:Turning and Handstitching


McQ U - Turning the Quilt Binding and HandstitchingWatch the video...

Sherri Bain Driver shows a basic blind-stitching technique for securing the folded edge of double-fold binding to the quilt backing. Includes tips for finishing mitered corners of the binding.

Quilt Binding 1 of 4: Joining the Strips
Quilt Binding 2 of 4: Sewing Binding to the Quilt
Quilt Binding 3 of 4: Joining the Ends
Quilt Binding 4 of 4: Turning and Hand Stitching - this video

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This video on binding really solidified my binding technique. I have always had trouble joining the ends. Thanks
great help for the beginner!
I found this a great help as a beginner. Thank you.
Thank You so much for showing how to bind a quilt. My first one I'm making for my 6 month grandson. Looks good and I really needed the help with binding the quilt!
So interesting and helpful. Explained very well. Thank you Sherri.
Great tutorial on binding. It was filmed so that you could actually see what Sherri was doing. Will try this on next quilt.
Thanks for the binding help.
Turning and Sewing Binding
This was an excellent tutorial. I have struggled with binding and Sherri gave me some tips that I know will help. It makes so much sense. Thank you!!!
RE: Turning and sewing binding
Hi, Dorien! The binding is pressed well before beginning to apply it to the front of the quilt. If you do a good job of that, you don't generally need to press it again before turning to the quilt back.
Turning and sewing binding
I watched your tutorial and thought it was a very easy, fast way of stitching the binding. Don't you press the binding before turning?
RE: Turning mitered corners out
KerryT, this method trims edges and corners of backing and batting even with the quilt top. It's ok to leave a little extra batting all the way around if you like really plump binding. But I would not recommend trimming it closer than even with the quilt top.
Turning mitred corners out
It looked much easier in tge demonstration. Mi e were quite bulky. How much can i trim
Turning and Hand Stitching
Thank you so much for this demonstration! Securing the binding to the back has always been my least favorite part of quilting.......I could never seem to get neat, even, invisible stitches. Sherri's method is so clear! I refer to this video all the time for finishing my quilts now!
Thank you so much - made it very clear how to do the binding. Very helpful!
Thank you for giving me some excellent ways for finishing my quilts.
Excellent tutorial for anyone who has never applied a binding. Sherri includes all the basics to ensure a the first time user gets great results. Don't skip one step, even tho it seems mundane.
Really helped make it clear, thank you!
Binding tutorial
Absolutely the best tutorial out there! Thank you
Turning and Handstitching
What a wonderful video that explains turning and sewing the binding of a quilt. Now I can make those perfect corners!
quilt binding videos
Thank you for posting these free videos! I haven't quilted in a while, so I needed to refresh these skills. Thanks for helping me finish my quilt!!!
Turning and hand stitching
I am not able to watch this video # 4 turning and binding. Can you tell me where to find it? I love the first 3.
Response to maggiesstudio
Hi Maggie, We are pleased to provide our readers with free resources to enhance quilting skills and enjoyment, and are happy you are finding them useful. Thanks!
Binding finish
I have only been quilting for about 3 months and really love it, especially applique. I have joined a few quilt sites and this is the only one that gives pattern and videos free. Most sites want you to pay for every thing. Thank you so much. I already learned a new technique for doing the corners of the binding. Look forward to many visits to your site. Maggie
Your videos are so well done and useful. Thanks for these.
Response to Louise59
Video 4, Turning and Hand Stitching, is available for viewing at the top of THIS page. The links above are for clicking to the other 3 related episodes. :)
Why is the video of step 4, turning and hand stitching not available to watch?
Mitering corners when turning the binding
This was very informative. Thank you so much showing the steps of the corner
Blind stitching binding
I'm binding my first quilt and could not have done it without your help! Good explanations and detail.
Binding - Hand Stitch
Thank you so much for your hands on hand stitching of the binding. I learned a lot just watching this video, things that I did not know especially the blind stitch to the front of the mitered corners. Thanks again.
Thank you, so much for your wonderful video's. You have been a life savior for me many a time. I think it's just wonderful that you give us (beginner's) such good advice and help us so much it calls for a lot of hoops and hollers. You go gal! Thanks
Great Video!
This is the best video I have seen on this task.


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