Quilt Binding 1 of 4: Joining the Strips

McQ U - Joining Quilt Binding StripsWatch the video...

Sherri Bain Driver demonstrates how to join quilt binding strips using diagonal seams. No lumps, no bumps, just smooth, perfect quilt binding, ready to apply.

Quilt Binding 1 of 4: Joining the Strips - this video
Quilt Binding 2 of 4: Sewing Binding to the Quilt
Quilt Binding 3 of 4: Joining the Ends
Quilt Binding 4 of 4: Turning and Hand Stitching


Step-by-Step instructions...

Joining Quilt Binding Strips


Join strips with diagonal seams (Diagram I) and press seams open, to make a strip long enough to bind quilt edges (perimeter of your quilt plus 10˝ for mitering corners and joining ends).

Diagram I


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Excellent information
Thank you so much Sherri Bain. I just finished my first patch quilt and before watching this series of videos had no idea I'd have to blind stitch the last seam. I make clothing and decided to make a quilted blanket for a pregnant friend. The batting is an old (but well-washed) woollen blanket and although the result is less than perfect, it's still wonderful. Basic info for beginners is lacking on the Internet, so thanks again. Mike in Melbourne, Australia
Thank you so much! This was a great video on binding. I just finished binding my first quilt and it looks great. Mrs. Driver did an excellent job. I am so proud of my quilt.
Binding has always been my downfall. Thanks so much for taking the fear away.


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