Quilt Binding 3 of 4: Joining the Ends


McQ U - Joining Ends of Quilt Binding StripsWatch the video...

The quilt is nearly bound, but how do you smoothly join the beginning and ending binding tails? Watch Sherri Bain Driver’s quick guide to joining the ends of double-fold quilt binding.

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Quilt Binding 3 of 4: Joining the Ends - this video
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Step-by-Step instructions for Joining Binding Ends

Photo A When approaching the starting point, stop stitching at least 12˝ from where you started. Align raw edges of binding with cut edge of quilt sandwich. Open ending tail of binding (Photo A) and pin in place.


Open beginning tail of binding and smooth it over ending tail, keeping binding raw edge aligned with cut edge of quilt sandwich. Draw 45° line on ending tail, tracing along trimmed edge of beginning tail (Photo B). Photo B
Draw a second line 1/2˝ out from the first drawn line (Photo C), making sure 2nd drawn line adds 1/2˝ to the length of binding strip.
Photo C


Cut on 2nd line (Photo D).                                      Photo D
Place binding cut edges right sides together, aligning cut edges and offsetting points so strips match 1/4˝ from edge (Photo E). Sew seam and press open. Photo E


Photo F Press loose portion of binding in half lengthwise. Align with edge of quilt and finish stitching binding to quilt.

Fold binding to back, far enough to cover trimmed edges snuggly and cover the stitches that attach the binding to the quilt (Photo F).


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binding technique
I notice in the video you have left some of the batting exposed while sewing on the binding. Can you explain why please?
instructions how to join binding ends
I have all the tools and without using tools these instructions are the easiest. Thank You!!
Great instructions!
I'm a beginner quilter and made a crib sized quilt from a pattern I found on Pinterest. Once I pieced it together and found someone to quilt it I was stumped on how to bind the edges. This video saved me! My binding turned out beautifully!! The step by step instructions were clear and concise. Easy to understand. Thank you!
Best of Binding
I've used your binding method on my last 6 quilts and love it! Instructions are clear and concise and I have given this tutorial site to my quilting friends. You make binding quilts so easy and stress free. Thank you.
Best ever!
Thanks so much! I've used this tutorial each time I've bound a quilt, looks so nice and the instruction was very clear
Binding tutorial
I have been trying to do this for 3 hours and could not get it. Watched this video and easy does it. It was done in minutes. I had never done bindings this way and wanted to try it. I will only do them this way from now on. THANKS A MILLION!!!!
Binding Tutorial
Thank you for this. It's by far the easiest way to finish binding, very easy to understand.
Binding tutorial
This was so easy and looks so good. I always struggle with this step. Thank you so much!
Binding tutorial
Excellent with very clear instruction. Thankyou
Binding tutorial
This is by far the best tutorial on binding and JOINING binding I have ever seen. Thank you so much Sherri. Have just completed three quilt tops that have been sitting there forever. Again, many thanks.
Binding tutorial
OMG. how fantastic is this tutorial, sooooo easy to follow & clear, thanks
Binding Ends
This is by far the easiest way to join the ends together. I tried other ways and other tutorials and just had a mess and was totally confused. Thank you
Binding tutorial
You make it look so easy and when I tried, it WAS easy. Thank you very much for the time and effort and now I have learnt something new.
This is AMAZING. So obvious, and yet...
...not the way I learned in the beginning. I've been doing this the hard way. NO MORE! Thanks for the awesome method; I'm not dreading the next binding task!
Feedback on binding tutorial
Sherri, Thank you so much for your tutorial o joining the ends of binding. I have tried many ways to do this. These all ended with frustration and confusion. Your tutorial made this process so easy and clear. I can now finish my quilting projects and enjoy the process. Thanks again, Rosemarie
Quilt Binding 3 of 4: Joining the Ends
This is the best video I've seen for this technique. It's clear and concise. Thanks.
Quilt binding joining the ends
This video was great and easy to understand. My binding looks great. I looked at other videos online about joining the ends and yours was just great. Thanks for sharing it.
Quilt Binding - Joining the Ends
This was a fantastic video. I've always had problems with joining the ends and this makes it look so easy and so complete. Thank you!
Quilt binding-Joining the ends
OMG!!!!!! That was so clear and easy to do! Thanks for making this video.
Quilt Binding - Joining the Ends
wonderful video - I have searched many books amongst my own, libraries and book stores - all assume the reader knows how to finish off the binding!!! Thank you so much.
Response to annmaranto
The computer you view the video on needs to support Flash videos, and it should start automatically. We offer a few tips here: http://www.mccallsquilting.com/video-troubleshooting.html Thanks.
How do you start the video.
LOVE it sooooooo easy
Quilt Binding - Joining the ends
I have had trouble with this until I watched your video. It is so much easier when you can see it being done. The written directions leave out the first step of marking and cutting, but know what to do if you watch the video. Thanks!
It was very easy to follow this video and even easier than using the binding tool. I really liked the video angle showing things from the viewers point of view ie looking over the tutors shoulder. More videos like this would be great.
I have had so much trouble with this until I watched this video.Thanks! Sometimes it is so much easier to do when you can see it being done.
Love it!!
I love these videos!! Both quilt shops in my area have closed so I'm really missing my classes. These videos teach and inspire. Thanks!
I have every tool for binding that there is, and none are as easy as this.
when I am watching any of the videos They are always pausing.
Thank You
I have seen so many different ways but finally one that is easy and looks great !


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