Paradigm Shift

Designed by JANELLE CEDUSKY Machine Quilted by SHELLY NEALON
Paradigm Shift


Download a pattern to make matching pillows. (Problems downloading our .pdf? Click here for troubleshooting tips.)


Try this fun, easy project with two-at-a-time block construction, and your approach to quilt design may never be the same.

Skill Level BEGINNER

Finished Size
52 1/4˝ x 60 7/8˝

Alternate Colorway

This quilt is shown in a traditional alternate colorway with red centers and homespun plaids.



The McCall's Quilting May/June 2010 issue is no longer available for purchase. The Paradigm Shift pattern is available in the Spring 2013 issue of America Makes FAST Quilts, and in the book Make Your First Quilt: Best of McCall's Quilting

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Paradign Shift
Hi Kathy, many thanks, much appreciated.
RE: Paradigm Shift
Shellyviv, the Paradigm Shift pattern is in the book, Make Your First Quilt, which is available as a digital download at this link:
Paradigm Shift
Can I buy this pattern without getting the whole magazine, and is it downloadable? Thanks, Michelle
RE: Does anyone still have this pattern?
Kattindal, the Paradigm Shift quilt is patterned in one of our books, Make Your First Quilt. You can order a copy here:
Does anyone still have this pattern?
I am really interested in this pattern but I can't find it any where, does anyone have one they would be willing to share?
RE: what pattern to use to quilt the paradigm shift quilt
Janet, the piecing is so dramatic that you really could just do an allover swirl and have a lovely quilt. That would be my first instinct!
what pattern to use to quilt the paradigm shift quilt
i have completed a queen size paradigm shift quilt and i dont know what pattern or method to use to quilt--want to quilt it on my home machine--thanks in advance
Fell in love, Hunted the mag down....
I too made this with a bit of is going on my living rm wall
I made this quilt
This was a very interesting quilt to make. I made it with black/white/ turned out to be very striking. I add three borders, first one was blue, second was pinwheel with alternating rectangles and third was plain black....
Block Positioning
Hi gracielu. Each block has two short seams (from sewing the 3 1/2˝ white/black squares to the green 3 1/2˝ middle square), and two long seams (from sewing the 9 1/2˝ black/white strip to the middle square unit). The idea of the pattern is to have some blocks with the long seams horizontal, and to rotate other blocks 90 degrees to have the long seams vertical. This is what gives you the off-center barn raising look of the quilt. Thanks for the question! - Kathy
I meant to say horizontal, sorry.
question about position of blocks
putting the blocks together you say to put the long seams of the squares in opposite directions, so the long seams will be horizational on one block and vertical on the other? It was kind of confusing. The quilt is very interesting


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