Ireland Block of the Month - FREE Quilt Block Patterns

Ireland Block of the Month - FREE Quilt Block Patterns

Follow along with FREE Ireland Quilt Block of the Month patterns! When Laura Roberts, one of our McCall's Quilting/McCall's Quick Quilts editors, discovered she would be going along on the McCall's Quilting trip to Ireland in 2012, she decided to start an Ireland-themed quilt in anticipation!

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Ireland QBOM (Quilt Block of the Month)

Read Laura's 2012 Ireland posts on the McCall's Quilting Editors' Blog.

Notes from Ireland 2012: McCall's Quilting Editors' Blog


Lucky Clover Quilt Block - Ireland Quilt

Celtic Twist Quilt Block - Ireland Quilt

Fairies and Flower Petals Block - Ireland Quilt

Treasures from Ireland Block

Lucky Clover

Celtic Twist

Fairies & Flower Petals Treasures From
FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern FREE Irish Cross Quilt Block Pattern FREE Seven Lucky Shamrocks quilt block pattern Forty Shades of Green: FREE Ireland Quilt Block Pattern from
Fairy Ring
Irish Cross
Seven Lucky Shamrocks 40 Shades of Green
I Left My Heart In Ireland: FREE Ireland-themed quilt block pattern Connemara: FREE Ireland-Themed Quilt Block Pattern Folktale Circle Block: FREE Ireland-themed Quilt Block Pattern Celtic Knot: FREE Ireland Block of the Month Irish Quilt Block Pattern
I Left My Heart In Ireland Connemara Folktale Circle Celtic Knot
Tales of Ireland: FREE Irish Quilt Pattern from McCall's Quilting
Tales of Ireland


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Library of FREE Quilt Block Patterns to view and download from - click here!

Library of FREE Quilt Patterns to download from - click here!

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RE: Tales of Ireland
Hi, Quiltsforu. We recently updated this pattern and made a FREE pdf download of the entire thing. You can get it here:
Tales of Ireland
Don't you have even a general idea of amounts of fabric needed? ie. dark green, 1/3 yd, med, etc. Not just finishing amounts. My customers want specifics.
RE: Amounts of fabric
Hi, Mommamuncy. Laura made her quilt from stash fabrics she'd been gathering for a long time. The amounts of fabric needed for the finishing (sashing, border, binding, etc.) can be found in the Tales of Ireland download. Click on the quilt photo above and it will take you there.
Amounts of Fabric
Can you tell me what fabric was used for this quilt and the amounts need to finish the entire quilt?
The quilt blocks and the quilt patterns are so beautifully stunning. Thank you for sharing these.
tales of ireland
hope to try this one soon
RE: Looking
That is a Kate Mitchell pattern and can be purchased for $8.50 plus s/h here:
I'm looking to find the pattern called "Square Dance" on the back of the September/October issue of McCalls Quilting. Will you please direct me as to where I will find that pattern??
Thank You
I had finished my blocks last year and made two of each, loaded them on flicker. Now I see a finished quilt on this site in the instructions. It is not what I had thought but very pretty. I like the extra use of the pink as the squares are all so green. Now I have an idea of how to put mine together. Thanks.
Permission to use pattern
I'm a BOM coordinator for my quilt guild, Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County, and would like to use your Celtic Twist block for our BOM. Who do I ask for permission to use your block? Thank for your help.
I made a different version of the Irish Quilt
I made an Irish quilt out of batiks using the Irish chain and the clover. It's really pretty
Response to Sheila_H
Thanks for the alert - link has been fixed. :)
Can't get Blog to load
I can't get Laura's blog to load that has the blocks on it. I've tried both Safari and Chrome
finishing instructions
I would like to finish the quilt for a present till the end of June, is there a chance to get the finishing instructions till then? Thanks for the wonderful blocks!
Response to imajem
Hello, You might try downloading the pattern from a different web browser, or from a different computer. I hope that helps!
Your downloads don't work...they report I/O errors...stops about midway to completion! Very frustration!!! Would love to have the celtic knot pattern! It stops at 963.35 of 1.22 MB. What's the solution???
Response to pafirefly
We will be providing instructions for finishing the 12 blocks into a lap size quilt. To make a queen size version, you may wish to add more blocks plus sashings and borders to bring the quilt up to your desired measurements. You may wish to visit your local quilt shop for individualized help.
Help with finishing my quilt
It may have taken awhile to get all 12 squares but they were worth waiting for. I would really like some ideas on finishing to a queen size. I follow well but don't have a great imagination. The quilt is special as it is a gift to my daughter for her upcoming wedding. Please help.
12 Blocks were given
We were promised blocks. We've been given 12 blocks. I am assuming the BOM is over and we provide our own settings. We don't know what went on in Laura's life that may have caused interruptions. Thank you for the lovely blocks, Laura.
I added my own blocks
I too am disappointed in this BOM. I thought a BOM was a new block every month. I didn't expect to have to wait months inbetween to get the next block. I added some blocks of my own in order to finish this quilt.
Lovely idea but horrible execution
I, too, was excited to make this quilt as a gift. I understand how time can get away from a person but seriously, hasn't the trip been over for something like six months? I was looking forward to having the finishing instructions, etc. by now. I guess now that your trip is over the motivation to put the finishing touches on this is past too and we're left with yet another UFO.
Ireland BOM
I've finally got all 12 patterns (thanks!) but am now wondering - will you also be publishing some finishing instructions?
Final Block
Hello all...We are putting the final touches on the pattern for you as I write...hopefully will be posted for you tomorrow. Thanks so much for your patience.
final block and finishing
This is the longest bom ever! Wanted to do for a gift but have been unable to finish. Please please give us the final block and finishing instructions
November/december blocks
when will the next bom's be available
Block #10
Every day I checked and this morning there it was. Thank you so much as I am so ready to do this one. Every block is more beautiful the the one before it. This quilt has really given me motivation. Thank you so much for all your hard work it getting it to us. We are so lucky to have McCall's to inspire us.
Irish Block #10
Oh when Oh when will it finally be posted. I'm usually the one behind but now I found someone else even slower. Promises promises I guess I just hate waiting. Probably not the only one. Its going to be a very special quilt and I am loving it.
love it!
I love this quilt so far! Can't wait to get block 8!
#8 Block...
Pattern is almost ready to post...please stay tuned! Thanks so much for your patience.
#8 block
Wondering when we will get the remaining blocks in "block of the month" Irish quilt???
Still waiting patiently for the rest of the blocks. No 8th block yet?
Remaining Blocks
Remaining blocks will be posted as soon as possible once Laura returns from Ireland. Thank you for your patience!
8th Block?
I'm not seeing the 8th block yet so I'm guessing that blocks 8-12 will be available AFTER the Ireland trip?
Ireland BOM
My daughter landed in Ireland this morning on a college graduation trip with her aunt & uncle. I asked her to get me some fat quarters and I'd make her a quilt to remember her visit. Friday, I was reading my McCalls Quilting Magazine and ran into this! What perfect timing and great blocks. It's meant to be!! Thank you!
Ireland BOM
I just found these blocks. I am a beginner quilter and these will be a great way to learn different techniques. This quilt will be for my future daughter in law, who is Irish. I will be going to Ireland in Sept. for the wedding. My birthday is on the 4th, the wedding is on the 6th, and her birthday is on the 8th..... Thank you for the patterns.
Ireland BOM - Block #8?
Hi, Sue. Laura has Block #8 designed and the pattern is currently being edited. We expect to post it late this week or early next. Blocks 9-12 will be coming after the Ireland trip, which ends June 11. Thank you for your interest and support!
Ireland BOM - Block #8?
I have completed the first 7 Irish blocks and am now searching for number 8. Is it available?
I am least partly!
I love the quilt blocks, even tho this makes the 5th (I think) block of the month I'm making. But I'm sure when I get it finished it will be a quilt my bother Thank you.
Ireland pattern
Hi lrock700, These blocks aren't being posted as a complete pattern, but as a block of the month. You'll find 4 patterns already posted on the website (click on links above), with 3 more in the works and soon to be posted. The quilt will have 12 blocks 12" x 12" finished, sashing, and borders. The sashing and borders will be patterned after all 12 blocks have been patterned. Since Block #12 will be coming in June, sashing and border instructions will be coming in July. the quilt is very scrappy, so I've been picking up fat 1/8ths and fat 1/4s as I see them. Have fun making the quilt! Laura
Ireland Pattern
Love the Irish Blocks. Has the pattern for the quilt been posted? I can't find it. Want to make this quilt for my daughter. We have a very strong Irish heritage & she has been to Ireland. Wish I could go on the trip! Thanks!
Response to Lctaz
Laura is sharing her Ireland Quilt block designs with our Editors' Blog readers as she creates and sews them. Writing the pattern is the final step in the process. As soon as the pattern is written for block 4, it will be posted here...stay tuned!
Where is Block 4?
Bog says Blocks 3 & 4 are posted. Pictures of both are posted......but only Block 3 has a link to the pattern. Where is the pattern for Block 4?
missed a pattern
Did I miss block #1?
Irish Quilt
Where can I find fabric requirements. I love these blocks so far. Suseann
fabric requirements
Been looking for a long time for something "Irish" for a quilt for my daughter-in-law. I think this may be "it". 2 questions: how many blocks will there be all together and did I miss the fabric requirements somewhere? I'd like it if all the blocks were of the same fabrics. Thanks
Ireland trip
Wish I could afford the trip but I will love and be satisfied with making this quilt design. So, keep up the good job on designing and sharing with us the quilt blocks. Oh, and have a great time in Ireland!!


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