Design Star™ 2010 Finalist - Erin Russek

About Erin Russek...


Check out Erin's contest quilts at the bottom of this page.

I've been quilting for..  over 20 years.

I  began quilting to.. save my sanity when I was a student and later a new  mom.

I've learned quilting by.. I've  mostly taught myself.

My style is..I'm  passionate about applique and most my quilts have flowers appliqued all over  them. My designs usually have simple lines and are whimsical representations  from nature. I want my quilts to be happy and make people smile.

I've been inspired by.. I love all quilts, it's hard to pick any particualr person. I have loved the work of Karen Kay Buckley and Marsha McCloskey. I'm also a big fan of Becky  Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins from Piece O'cake.

My inspiration comes from.. nature, mostly flowers, and folk art.

My favorite techniques are.. hand applique and machine quilting.

I'm attracted to.. I like bright clear colors. I mostly choose small scale tone on tone prints for my applique. I'm also very partial to polka dots, swirls and  stripes.

My stash is.. I  try to keep my stash under control so it isn't huge. I try to have a good  supply of the colors I use a lot of. If you had a look you would see that  green is my most "stashed" color. I need it for all those leaves.

I belong to.. a small group that a friend of mine and I started when our kids were little. Those same kids are heading off to college these days so everyone is  busy working to try and pay for that.

What you should know about me..  I love to laugh, eat chocolate, watch british TV and Star Trek and walk my  dog.

My non-quilting hobby is.. I love photography but am not too good at it.

I entered Quilt Design Star™ because.. it  sounded fun.

Visit me at.. my blog.  I  have been blogging about quilting for the past year. I offer a free Block of  the Month and other fun quilty things.


Miss Hannah (below) is Erin's Design Star™ entry quilt.

Erin Russek's quilt, Miss Hannah


Raspberry Limeaide (below) is Erin's Design Star™ Challenge 1 quilt.

Raspberry Limeaide


A Bouquet for the Birds (below) is Erin's Design Star™ Challenge 2 quilt.

A Bouquet for the Birds

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Colors & Design
I love your design & Colors. It's just lovely. Pleasing to the eye. It is a beautiful quilt
your design
I love your design and colors. I am an appliquer and I would pick your design in a heartbeat! You are a talented lady!
I appreciate the blending of colors in her piece. It is very spring like and I am looking forward to spring 2011!! The flowers are so life like and I feel light when I looks at the design.
Lovely Quilt
Erin, I voted for your quilt today and think it is a lovely design. I will be happy to see it win and be featured in the magazine as a lovely applique pattern. I, too, love hand applique and Karen K. Buckley is a favorite teacher of mine. Best wishes, Nancy Evans
I would give you the People's Choice Award! This quilt is really BEAUTIFUL! You did an amazing job! I agree it knocked my socks off too!
Knock Out
So fresh! Fabulous Erin.
Stunning! Beautiful!
This is it!
I am impressed and intrigued by all the finalists, but as I worked my way through I was waiting for the 'sock-knocker off-er'. And your quilt was the one! It ALMOST makes me want to become a hand appliquer!


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