Chenille Chic

Chenille Chic

Layers of cozy yarn-dyed plaids and stripes are stitched, cut, and washed for fast and fluffy, one-of-a-kind scarves. So quick and easy…you might even whip one up the night before Christmas!


Skill Level BEGINNER

Finished Size 8˝ x 70˝

Featured Fabrics

Sherri used assorted loosely woven yarn-dyed fabrics from her stash to make these scarves.

McCall's Lesson!

Step-by-step photos help you create cuddly chenille scrves from quilter's cottons!



This quilt is fully patterned in the McCall's Quilting issue below. Purchase a copy from the Quilt and Sew Shop.


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Response to ruthsewsit
Note from Sherri: Yes, you open the fabric and cut through a single layer of fabric. They really are fun to make…hope you enjoy them!
Response to Carold59
Note from Sherri: I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking about, so please email us at, and we’ll do our best to help!
Having trouble with this chenille chic
I really can't figure out the instruction on this pattern on how to lay it out could someone help? Very bad instruction...
chenille chic
when cutting the fabric for this scarf do you unfold the fabric so it is a single layer of fabric to cut the strips on the bias ? I just can't understand if you don't why you need so much fabric. Please help, I want to make several of these for gifts, they look warm and fun to make thanks for the pattern
Response to my own query
Okay, I get it now. Although I read those 2 steps over and over and couldn't make sense of them, I re-read the entire set of instructions again. My questions were answered and I get it now. Sorry for the needless questions. As usual, your instructions are very good. My interpretation was off kilter today. Mea culpa. Can't wait to make some of these for holiday gifts. Figured they'll cost close to $40, though, not a cheap gift! They look very warm and wonderful, though. As usual, your patterns are well written. It's just us subscribers who are a little slow. Again, sorry for the needless q's.
Need Clarification on instructions
Love pattern, but need help. I'm fine until cutting through layers. How is base layer also the middle layer? I thought it was base layer. And how can you flip it over and cut again? Photos M & N are clear, but instructions aren't. Any suggestions?


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