A Mystery in Three Parts (1)

A Mystery in Three Parts (1)

Join the fun! Beginning in this issue and continuing for the next 2 issues (March/April and May/June, 2012) we’ll give step-by-step instructions for making a quick and easy mystery quilt in your choice of two different sizes. In this issue, Sherri gives you great tips for choosing your own fabrics, too!


Skill Level

Finished Size
88½˝ x 88½˝ [72
˝ x 72˝]

Featured Fabrics

Sherri will be using prints from 2 different Moda collections, Etchings by 3 Sisters and Hometown by Sweetwater.

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Flickr group - A Mystery in Three Parts - see reader photos and share your own!

Quilters Club of America group - A Mystery in Three Parts.


Part 1 of 3 of this mystery quilt is fully patterned in the January/February 2012 McCall's Quilting issue below. Instant digital download also available - click here.


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I chose Martinique by Moda
I am so excited to get my fabric cut! I have been quilting for several years, but never tried a mystery quilt!
To purchase an issue...
This issue is available to purchase in our online Quilt and Sew Shop, either as a print edition, or an instantly downloadable digital edition. Here's a direct link: http://www.quiltandsewshop.com/category/s?keyword=mccall\%27s+quilting+january+february+2012
Answer for Dbrewer and jrevels
For the 88 1/2" x 88 1/2" quilt: Fabric A: 2 1/8 yds., Fabric B: 4 1/4 yds., Fabric C: 2 1/2 yds., Fabric D: 1 yd., Backing: 8 1/4 yds. For the 72" x 72" quilt: Fabric A: 1 1/8 yds., Fabric B: 3 1/8 yds., Fabric C: 1 5/8 yds., Fabric D: 5/8 yd., Backing: 4 5/8 yds. Please refer to Part 1 in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue for tips on choosing fabrics.
Fabric requirements
I just ordered the first two issues for the mystery in 3 parts. I have found some beautiful sale fabric that I would love to use, but have no idea how much is needed. Could the fabric requirements be posted?
fabric requirements
I'm in TX for the winter but left my mag back home in IL. Can you give me the fabric requirements for the mystery quilt? I'd like to purchase fabric to get started, but don't know how much to buy. Please help.
answer for mrook
mrook i ordered a copy of the current magazine online at http://www.plantedseeddesigns.com/shop/product/janfeb-2012-mccalls-quilting-magazine/. it was only $5.99 including shipping. you can also order thru the mccalls site.
I love Mysteries!!!!!
I have the first blocks done and am continuing with the second block. I did a mystery quilt last year and it came out so fantastic, it was hard to believe. All the points matched. Welcome to all you new quilters. Enjoy.
Getting started with the Mystery blocks
How do I get the pattern for the mystery blocks? I will not get my first issue for 6 to 8 weeks. I am a new member and could use some help.
Answer for kingt
At the end of Part 1, your UNFINISHED (raw edge) blocks should now measure 6 INCHES SQUARE. (Do NOT trim your Part 1 unfinished blocks smaller than 6 inches square!)
Final measurement of first two squares
I am really pretty new at this and am still not completely understanding answers to others who had the same question I did. So let me ask the question this way. After all the squares are sewn as directed, and we are going to square them up and wait for part 2 instructions, do we square them up to 6 inches or do we square them up to 5 1/2 inches?
Answer for sisco:
Note from Sherri: I believe this design could still work well if you substitute scraps for Fabric B and/or Fabric C, but do heed the Fabric B description of “…tone-on-tone, non-directional print that contrasts with Fabric A…” and the Fabric C description of “…small- or medium-scale print that is the opposite value (light/dark) from Fabric B). HOWEVER the scraps substituted for either of these fabrics need to “read” as just 1 print. For example, if you look at the fabric choices I made in the first installment (January/February 2012 issue), the Fabric B red print could be lots of different red prints of approximately the same value, and the Fabric C scraps could be lots of different light cream/beige prints.
group project
several of us get your magazine and we are all going to start the mystery quilt next week. do you think it could be made scrappy? if so could you give a clue as to what parts would be the best to do it on. some of the ladies cannot afford to buy new fabric. thanks so much
Answer for belindat_1:
Note from Sherri: The cutting instructions are correct for these pieced squares. If the 6” square you made by sewing together the 6 ¾” quarter-square triangles includes seam allowances, then your cutting and sewing were perfect! The triangles you get by cutting the 6 3/8” square in half should perfectly align with the remaining sewn halves. If they don’t match up, something is a bit off in your cutting and/or piecing. Maybe you want to check out our Accurate ¼” Seam Allowances video for help.
Answer for Charsewcrazy:
Note from Sherri: You’ll need 50 each of left and right to complete the pieced squared for Part 1. The finished size (not including seam allowances) of each of the completed sewn squares in part 1 is 5 ½” x 5 ½”; the measurement from raw edge to raw edge (unfinished measurement, which includes seam allowances) is 6” x 6”.
Part 1 finished block size.
Note from Sherri: The finished size (not including seam allowances) of each of the sewn squares in Part 1 is 5 ½” x 5 ½”; the measurement from raw edge to raw edge (unfinished measurement, which includes seam allowances) is 6” x 6”.
I'm in mystery quilt should be fun!!
Started last week. I am beginner not to confident though!! Anyone what is finish size of your first blocks?
i'm excited about the mystery quilt
I 'm finished cutting out the first two blocks
Mystery quilt Jan/Feb issue
It would help to have finished sizes for blocks, also am planning on using quarter square triangulations, would help to know what size to use, you have make 100 half square triangles from 6 3/4" square is that 50 of each left and right triangles or 100 of each left and right triangle units finished
Measurements are okay
I must have had brain fog hit today. ;-)
Are measurements right?
After cutting and sewing the 6 3/4 inch blocks of the mystery quilt I have a 6 inch square. The next part is a 6 3/8 inch square cut in half to sew to the halves that were not made into squares. They do not fit, am I doing something wrong or are the measurements off? I am not sewing any more of the mystery quilt until I hear back about this. Thanks


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