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What are the official rules?

Click here for Amateur Category, Click here for Professional Category

How do I enter the contest?

Click here to enter the Amateur Category, or click here to enter the Professional Category, then click the tab labeled Submission. You will need a digital photo of your entry quilt to complete the form. Entries will be accepted from March 13-April 29, 2012.

May I enter more than one quilt in the contest?

No, only one quilt may be entered per designer.

May friends who designed a quilt together enter the contest?

No, Quilt Design Star™ is a contest for individual quilt designers only. By entering a quilt, you are claiming it as your sole design effort. Your friends are welcome to help with sewing, quilting, and binding as long as you clearly credit them on your entry form(s).

May I use an image in my quilt that was designed/copyrighted by someone other than myself?

Representation of a copyrighted character, i.e. Disney, Looney Tunes, etc., will cause an entry to be disqualified. If a licensed fabric includes a copyrighted character, that licensed fabric may be included in a quilt, but is strongly discouraged.

What are the prizes?

  • All contest entrants will receive a link to download a handy Quilt Designers' Easy Patterning Guide PDF.
  • All contest entrants selected as finalists to participate in Challenge 1 will receive a prize package of quilters' goodies.
  • All Challenge 1 finalists selected to participate in Challenge 2 will receive an additional prize package of quilters' goodies.
  • All Challenge 2 finalists selected to participate in Challenge 3 will receive an AccuQuilt® Go! Baby.
  • The winner of Challenge 3 in the Amateur category will receive a Viking Sapphire™ 875 Quilt plus $500 cash. 
  • The winner of Challenge 3 in the Professional category will receive a Pfaff® quilt expression™ 4.0 with quilter’s toolbox plus $500 cash.
  • Winning quilt in each category will be featured in a McCall's Quilting magazine.

I live in Canada - what about customs brokerage fees for prizes?

Customs brokerage fees for prizes shipped to Canada are the responsibility of contestants. You may opt out of prize shipments by notifying us immediately after notification of your selection as a finalist in each challenge round.

What happens after I submit my entry into the contest?

Public voting for contest entry quilts begins on May 1, and continues through May 20, 2012. You will be able to vote up to one time daily for your favorite quilt in each category - you can even vote for your own quilt! This is the time frame that you'll want to ask all your friends and family to come vote for you.

How can I let my friends and family know I've entered this contest?

In addition to emails and phone calls, you are encouraged to keep your friends and fans updated through quilting forums, your Facebook page, blog, Pinterest, Twitter and or your website. The additional interest people will show in your quilt designs is one of the great benefits of entering in this contest, and if you are selected as a finalist, your fans will all want to know about your social media sites! Finalists will be asked to provide any social media links they would like to share with their fans, and we will post links on each finalists' bio page.

When will I find out if I am one of the finalists?

Finalists in McCall's Quilting Quilt Design Star™ 2012 will be notified by email on May 22, 2012. Additionally, finalists selected to continue with Challenge 2 will be notified by email on July 10, 2012, and finalists selected to continue with Challenge 3 will be notified by email on August 28, 2012. All finalists selected for each round will also be posted to our website at on the same dates finalists are notified by email.

Will all finalists compete in all 3 Challenges?

No, some finalists may be eliminated from consecutive rounds.

How will finalists be publicized?

Finalists will be announced on our website at Each finalist will also have their own online bio page that will be available on our website for the duration of the contest and beyond. Bios will include headshots, photos of your quilts, links to your social media sites and or websites, etc.

In addition, the contest updates will be posted to our social media sites throughout the contest, for example on our Editors' Blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Quilters Club of America's Facebook page, Pinterest, et cetera!

How much time will finalists have to design and sew a quilt?

At the beginning of each challenge round we will provide you with the rules for that challenge. The designing and sewing period for each of the challenges is as follows:

Challenge 1 - May 22-June 17, 2012
Challenge 2 - July 10-August 5, 2012
Challenge 3/Final Round - August 28-September 30, 2012

Will finalists have to finish an entire quilt for every challenge?

No; Challenges 1 and 2 will require a completed quilt top; Challenge 3 will require a completed quilt. The designing & sewing period for Challenge 3 is one week longer than for the first two Challenges.

Will finalists have to send their tops or quilts to McCall's Quilting?

Only the completed quilt for Challenge 3 will be required to be shipped to McCall's Quilting.

Will Challenge 3 finalists get their quilts returned to them?


When will people vote on the quilts?

Entries - May 1-20, 2012
Challenge 1 - June 19-July 8, 2012
Challenge 2 - August 7-26, 2012
Challenge 3 - October 2-21, 2012

Do comments count toward the votes in the voting periods?

No. Comments are an opportunity for voters to participate by offering their opinions and feedback to the designers. Votes are limited to one per day per category, but comments are not limited.

Can you tell me where I placed in the voting?

No; vote tallies are not disclosed in this contest.

Will the judges provide written evaluation of my quilt?

No; written evaluations of quilts are outside the scope of this contest.

What should finalists do during voting periods?

In addition to voting daily, finalists in both the Amatuer and Professional categories will find this time frame an excellent opportunity to grow their fan base by utilizing social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, to name but a few! It's also a great time to blog about your experience in the contest.

Are the winners of Challenges 1 and 2 recognized?

Yes, the winners of Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 in each category will be announced and highlighted on our website at, as well as announced on our Editors' Blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and other social media. No additional prizes are awarded.

When will the Grand Prize/Challenge 3 winners be announced?

Grand Prize winners will be notified by email on October 23, 2012, as well as posted to our website at

Are finalists allowed to sell patterns for quilts they designed for this contest?

Amateur-track contestants agree to maintain their amateur status throughout the contest. Afterwards, they are welcome to sell patterns for their contest quilts. Professional-track contestants may sell patterns for their quilts at any time.






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