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Workshop Wednesday: Joining the Ends of Your Binding

I think it’s safe to say there are two kinds of quilters in the world when it comes time to join the loose ends of a binding strip: those who measure and those who don’t. In a previous Workshop Wednesday … Continue reading

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Workshop Wednesday: How to Bind a Quilt

“Bind the quilt to finish.” That simple instruction, which ends almost every quilt pattern ever written, refers to a step in the quiltmaking process that in itself requires a few different steps. When a quilt pattern editor writes “bind the … Continue reading

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Traditional Quilt Binding, Modern Technique

No quilt should ever go unfinished because its maker didn’t know how to bind it or was put off by the quilt binding process. After all, if you’re ready to bind, you’re SO CLOSE to a complete project! Just one … Continue reading

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How to Bind a Quilt: Q & A

So many quilters have questions about traditional quilt binding. What’s the best width of strips to cut? How do I piece the strips together? How do I get nice mitered corners? How do I stitch down the back of the … Continue reading

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