I Love This Quilt! Louisa’s Attic

i love this quilt louisas attic louisas attic 199x300 I Love This Quilt! Louisas Attic

Louisa’s Attic

When I was a child, part of every visit to Grandma Brown’s and to one of my favorite aunt’s was a Show and Tell of the latest finished quilts. Both of those two wonderful women made scrap quilts. I can’t imagine them buying fabric for a quilt top. Aunt Alta might have bought fabric for the back of a quilt but I’m certain I remember Grandma’s quilt backs being pieced. Part of quiltmaking for both of them was the satisfaction of making something beautiful out of scraps. Partly because of those great memories, I really, really like scrappy quilts. Louisa’s Attic by Gerri Robinson in the November/December 2013 issue of McCall’s Quilting caught my eye as a great scrap quilt. And goodness knows, I have plenty of scraps to pick from.

I’ve barely started on the quilt. I got out my AccuQuilt Go! and the die I need to cut 4” finished half-square triangles (HSTs).

i love this quilt louisas attic ready to cut 300x206 I Love This Quilt! Louisas Attic

Ready to cut

i love this quilt louisas attic cut and ready to sew 150x150 I Love This Quilt! Louisas Attic

Cut and ready to sew

I pulled out a good-sized pile of blue fabric and green fabric and just a bit of yellow fabric. My idea is that I want one HST of yellow in each block. The rest of the HST’s will just be put together however I think they look good.

I pressed the fabric, cut the HSTs and I was ready to sew.

I stitched the HST’s in pairs without worrying about what fabric was going next to what. I figured the first pairing could surely be laid out somehow that it would be pretty.

i love this quilt louisas attic stitched I Love This Quilt! Louisas Attic

Stitched in pairs

i love this quilt louisas attic pressing 300x225 I Love This Quilt! Louisas Attic


I started pressing the squares open and I had to laugh at myself. The pattern gives directions to cut square patches and stitch across them diagonally, making 2 units from each pair of squares. I didn’t consider that when deciding how many HST’s to cut and I only had half of them cut. It’s a good thing cutting goes so quickly with the AccuQuilt Go!

As I finished pressing, I started laying the squares out on my design wall. I didn’t think I wanted the yellow in the same position in each block. I’ll need to lay out the whole quilt to get the colors balanced.

i love this quilt louisas attic one block I Love This Quilt! Louisas Attic

One block on the design wall

Here is the first block. But it will change as I lay out the other blocks. My tendency is to get in a hurry at this point but I know from experience that I’ll just wind up unsewing things if I start stitching now.

So that’s the point I am at right now.

If you’d like to make your own version of Louisa’s Attic, click here to download the free pattern. Stay tuned to see my progress.

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4 Responses to I Love This Quilt! Louisa’s Attic

  1. Vivian says:

    The link for the pattern didn’t work.

  2. McCalls Staff says:

    Vivian – thank you for reporting this! The link to download has been updated and should now be up and running.

  3. Pam Pollock says:

    It’s a great pattern. I am just working on the blocks for mine, love it. Your colours are wonderful.

  4. Georgiana Barber says:

    This quilt is a beauty!!
    It does remind us days so long ago. I am new on this tablet and would like to order the free pattern out of the last page nov/dec 2017 but not sure how to do it can you help?
    Georgiana Barber

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