Quilting While You Glamp

The Season’s Not Over.
Grab your machine, fabric & pattern.

We’ve heard about a lot of quilters who don’t let a camping vacation stop them from quilting. They take it along! Deb McDonald, McCall’s Quilting Administrative Editor, is no exception. We asked her to share her expertise for making a camping experience a glamping experience with quilting projects in tow.


Happy 2 1024x576 Quilting While You Glamp

Deb McDonald and Happy Day with her camper

My husband and I enjoy camping in our 5th wheel RV. The Colorado State Parks have beautiful campsites that are clean, spacious and well-maintained. An added bonus to these getaways is that I have uninterrupted sewing time. The distractions of home remain at home.

Outdoors 1 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

Outdoor Quilting Set-up

If the weather is nice you will find me at the picnic table working on a quilt.

Indoors 1 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

Indoor Quilting Set-up

In cool or wet weather I’m at the small dining room table in our trailer. Just like at home, I don’t let something like the weather get in the way of my quilting.



Since I don’t have easy access to my sewing room, I have to make sure I have the right supplies and equipment to keep my current project moving forward. The lists below are supplies I always have with me for camp quilting:

  • Sewing machine, including foot pedal, power cord, extra bobbins and an extension cord
  • Quarter-inch presser foot
  • Extra machine needles
  • Spare spool of neutral thread
Pressing mat 1 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

My pressing mat in use

Space is at a premium so I do not take a 24” x 36” cutting mat along.  A 12” x 18” mat is good for trimming units. Don’t forget your rotary cutter! I leave a small travel iron in the RV. That, combined with a cushioned board, becomes my pressing station.

Scissors, seam ripper, pins and other small supplies go in a clear plastic storage bag so I can easily find what I need. All my supplies go in a large tote bag.

I pack my pattern and quilting supplies based on the project I plan to work on. Typically, I’ll take my 4” x 14” ruler and maybe a smaller square ruler. I pre-cut as many patches as I can while I’m still at home or use commercially pre-cut pieces. By preparing ahead I can jump right in to the sewing part.

Precut patches 1 169x300 Quilting While You Glamp

Pre-cut patches

Precut commercial 1 300x169 Quilting While You Glamp

Commercial Pre-cuts

No matter the season, inspiration is close at hand. It’s rare that I come home from a camping trip without another quilt idea or two.

Inspiration Winter 1 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

Winter Camping

Inspiration Summer 1 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

Summer Camping

Inspiration Spring 1 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

Spring Camping

Inspiration Fall 1 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

Fall Camping

Inspiration Night 1 1024x768 Quilting While You Glamp

Night-time Inspiration


Thanks Deb!

It sounds like the key to camp quilting is to have the standard essentials always at-the-ready, leaving you to only pack up the items special to a project. You can start pulling together your ‘quilt camp kit’ right here. I added links to the essential items in Deb’s lists above. While browsing through the Quilt and Sew Shop, I even found a pattern (on sale) that includes the supplies you need to make it—one that fits right into traveling through America. How easy is that!

AmericaTheBeautifulQuilt 150x150 Quilting While You Glamp

America The Beautiful quilt, designed by Lynn Lister


America the Beautiful Pattern
America the Beautiful Quilt Along Notions Bundle

Happy Quilting!

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3 Responses to Quilting While You Glamp

  1. Sarah Silk says:

    I have been ” glamping” for years. As we do not always have an electric site, I have an inverter so I can use my machine with the 12volt power off the batteries( an inexpensive necessity you just plug in). We also have a generator to recharge the camper batteries I can plug into outside. I even solicit hand sewing on bindings from my quilt group for the long drives and when we attend music festivals (can’t just sit there, have to keep those fingers busy!) Lots of quilting time, really how much time can it take to a clean 24′ travel trailer? Quilt your way down the highway and back.

  2. Beverley Cuddington says:

    As a divorced woman (for 31 lonely years) I would be tempted to enjoy those glorious camp sites taking walks with my s.o. (if I was lucky enough to have one), or sitting by the campfire, meeting some new people, even meditating by the water, boating, anything but quilting. I LOVE quilting but I only quilt when I can’t be with my grandsons or when I visit my granddaughter in Germany. A hobby is a hobby, but don’t forget the moments that will become memories for your family and friends. They can only use so many quilts. I’d rather hear, “I love Grandma!”, than an announcer saying, “First Place !!!”

  3. Eliz~ says:

    I just started sewing in our camping trailer and I love it! Our trailer sits on 19 acres in the woods. All those years we camped at the lake I only ever mended the kids clothes in the bunkhouse, the trailer seemed too small. I waited to get home to sew anything big. I had no idea it was so much fun to camp with my sewing machine and sew for real!

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