Waterway: A Visit with Connie Kauffman

QQ29 FLAT 227x300 Waterway: A Visit with Connie Kauffman
Hello! My name is Connie Kauffman and I’m happy to be sharing with you today about my quilt Waterway that is in the Aug/Sept 2017 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts.

The inspiration for the project came from the fabric Collection called Surf & Sand by Island Batik. I am an Ambassador for Island Batik and I love working with their beautiful fabrics. When I saw this collection I immediately fell in love with it. The fabric with the blues and greens in undulating stripes looks like water, or seaweed moving in the waves. The other fabrics reminded me of sand, stones or greenery along a bank.

IMG 6977 150x150 Waterway: A Visit with Connie KauffmanI designed the blocks to be in long strips and squares for easy piecing and to give the feel of “watery” movement. All the narrow strips and squares are made from 2 1/2” strips- which is a great way to use pieces of a strip pack- be sure to enter below for a strip pack of Surf & Sand donated by Island Batik!

Surf and Sand Strips 161x300 Waterway: A Visit with Connie KauffmanThe quilting followed the curves in the wavy blocks and had simple alternating arcs in the narrow strips and squares.

Stop by and visit my blog at: www.kauffmandesigns.blogspot.com and my website at: www.conniekauffman.com


Thanks so much, Connie! Leave a comment below before midnight July 20, 2017, and you’ll be entered into our random drawing to win a Strip Pack of Surf & Sand donated by Island Batik. The winner will be notified by email with subject line beginning YOU WON.

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220 Responses to Waterway: A Visit with Connie Kauffman

  1. Diane says:

    I absolutely love the colors in this quilt. I have already moved this one up to one of the top 5 to do next.

  2. Natalie says:

    beautiful colors in your waterways quilt. i will be looking for fabric such as that.

  3. Carrie Ciak says:

    Love the fabric – love what you did with it. Always interested in what inspiration drove the quilter to make the quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Patti L says:

    Love these Batiks!

  5. Patty Hmel says:

    Love the blues and greens-so calming together! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Margaret says:

    Lovely colors….lovely quilt!

  7. Amanda Best says:

    Such pretty fabrics, and I love the movement in the quilt. Awesome! I have the magazine and the pattern looks pretty easy, too!

  8. Patty says:

    These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! I have never used batiks for anything, but have been eyeing them for sometime now and checking out anything and everything others use them for. Your quilt is lovely!

  9. Shannon King says:

    I love batik fabric but I’ve never had real quilting quality fabrics to use. I’m currently working on a throw size quilt of blue and green batik. This would be a lot of fun – although I have so, so many pinned quilt designs to choose from. Happy wishes to whoever wins this!

  10. Estie says:

    Love Sand and Surf….colors and pattern.

  11. Maria Tideswell says:


  12. DebbieW says:

    Love the cool colors in the fabrics. I would add some whites for ‘glints’ of sun.

  13. annette ellis says:

    I love this quilt. It is so relaxing to see the blues and the greens. Thanks for the chance to win the batik strip pack. Great prize; it would make a lovely quilt.

  14. Billie Fellers says:

    The colors “sing” summer is here.

  15. Krafty KC says:

    Love the fabrics and the quilts. Would love to win a strip pack. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Janet says:

    All I could say is WoW.Batiks are my favorites,colors are cool and calming.Beautiful quilt.

  17. Althea Klosterman says:

    Yes, the fabric would be perfect for a project in my head. We have been to the carribean where the water is a most beautiful color and I have been collecting fabric, now, if I win the collection you would make my day. Problem the deadline is July 20 and I received this email today, July 25?

  18. Tammy Ahrens says:

    I love working with batiks, also, and the strip set is gorgeous!

  19. Ann Highfill says:

    Those aqua-blue-turquois watery looking colors are always my favorite.

  20. Gladys R. says:

    I can’t stop using batiks, though my stash is full of other fabrics. I shall dig around for some colors to try with this pattern!

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