Vintage Quilt Patterns – FREE!

Antique quilts thrill us with their quality workmanship, gorgeous fabrics, and intriguing stories, but purchasing one in good shape can cost a small fortune. What if you could make an antique-look quilt of your very own for a fraction of the price of an original? With our new Repro Quilts eBook, you can! The 3 free vintage quilt patterns we’ve gathered here are reader favorites, and either based directly on an antique quilt, or made in a vintage style. Ready to take a look?

COVER 500px Vintage Quilt Patterns   FREE!Aren’t they wonderful? It’s easy to see how any of these antique-look quilts would add so much to any room of your home. Follow this link for details on the designers, dimensions, and construction techniques for these 3 spectacular classic quilts. Scrap Sensation, Honeycomb, and Buds ‘n Bow Ties are beautiful examples of vintage quilt patterns at their best. Now you can add them to your personal library FREE!

Download your free Repro Quilt Patterns eBook today…it’s a $9.99 value and signing up for the free download will automatically subscribe you to our free biweekly newsletter, McQ News. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, but we hope you’ll stick around for all our magazine previews, contests and giveaways, free quilt patterns, and more.

If this is your first McCall’s Quilting free eBook download, welcome to our community. And if you’re already downloading our free patterns regularly, enjoy these 3 new offerings!

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  1. Theresa M says:

    I have always loved the beautiful quilt patterns people are so talented to make. What a perfect gift for any occasion.

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