Tuesday Tutorial: Easy Curved Piecing

Patterson Kathy 225px 150x150 Tuesday Tutorial: Easy Curved PiecingCurved piecing is a wonderful way to expand your quilting repertoire. So many classic and modern patchwork patterns call for it, and it can create such wonderful designs. Drunkard’s Path, New York Beauty, Lover’s Knot, Mill Wheel, and Double Wedding Ring are just a few of the traditional quilt patterns impossible to make without curved piecing. And modern quilters are getting on the curved piecing bandwagon as well, designing many fresh quilts featuring circular and spiral patterns.

pinning 300px Tuesday Tutorial: Easy Curved PiecingWhy the hard sell? Because many quilters are very curves-resistant. Maybe it’s the need for pinning (which actually some people don’t need in order to piece curves!), or the template cutting, or scary stories from other quilters, but many of us avoid curved piecing like the plague!




Planet Block 300px Tuesday Tutorial: Easy Curved PiecingMcCall’s Quilting editor Gigi Khalsa designed a cool Planet Block (right) for the Block Builders Workshop page in the January/February 2016 issue of the magazine, and taped a short, helpful video to get you started on your curved piecing adventure. Watch the free video here!




See? You can do this! Now download one of the free curved piecing quilt patterns in the list above and get started on your next wonderful project!

Remember you can access any of our free how-to-quilt lessons any time day or night—click here to see the full selectionAnd don’t miss any of our Tuesday Tutorials—see them all at this link.

Gigi recommends the Steady Betty® Steady Stiletto in her video. Get details here!

Steady Betty Stiletto 113x300 Tuesday Tutorial: Easy Curved Piecing

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