I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts

Gigi 225px I Love This Quilt! Nuts and BoltsGigi’s pick for the I Love This Quilt! page, Nuts & Bolts by Sandy Klop, appears in the January/February 2016 issue of McCall’s Quilting.

Download the Nuts & Bolts free lap quilt pattern here, and read on about Gigi’s plans for a fresh version of this quilt!

Read Part Two of Gigi’s Nuts & Bolts blog post here.

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by! There are so many quilts in past issues of McCall’s Quilting that I love, but I had to choose just one to remake and share with you. I chose Sandy Klop’s striking, graphic pattern Nuts & Bolts, from McCall’s Quilting January/February 2010 issue. (Speaking of striking, graphic patterns, one of my quilts, Digital Geode, is featured in McCall’s Quilting January/February 2016 issue. Get the magazine or the digital quilt pattern at QuiltAndSewShop.com.)

Nuts Bolts 600px I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts

Sandy Klop’s original Nuts & Bolts quilt

The first thing I do when I decide to make a pattern is to think about fabrics, colors, and prints and how my fabric choices might make my quilt different than the one in the picture. It’s really fun, but daunting too, since there are literally endless possibilities.

I knew when I chose this pattern that high contrast fabrics would be pretty important. The bullseye motif wouldn’t really have much impact without significant contrast. I decided to use the same two dark fabrics throughout the entire quilt and coordinated them with pastels from my stash, with the idea that each bullseye would have a different pastel color. Here’s the initial group of fabrics that I pulled.

Photo 1 fabric stacks I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts

I pulled potential fabric choices from my stash.

Once I had my idea in place, it was time to see how well it would actually work in real life. The number of bulleyes that I could do depends on how many strips I’m able to cut (I keep thinking of the bulleyes as blocks, but they’re not!). I cut all the dark fabric into strips and lucky me, I can make 12 bullseyes, just like the quilt in the photo! So now that I know I have 12 bullseyes to plan, I can decided where I want which pastel color to be for optimal layout.

It always helps me to look at my fabric choices at each stage of the process. I can see sometimes that what works beautifully in a stack of coordinated fabrics doesn’t look as good when laid out in a block format. I had to eliminate the white/cream/beige prints since the lack of hue commanded too much attention in the layout, and not in a good way. I played around with different colors and prints from my stash until I was happy with my mock bullseye layout. Here’s the pastels all laid out in the order I like.

Photo 2 fabric layout I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts

If I plan the layout ahead of time, there are less things to worry about later.

You may be wondering why there are 2 pastel fabrics in each stack. Since each bullseye is made with strip sets of 7 strips each, I thought it would be fun to mix it up, if just a little bit. I did not want to make the strip sets asymmetrical, since the template is placed both upside down and downside up on the strip sets. But I could use 2 similar but different pastels for each strip set, as well as the 2 similar but different dark prints. I haven’t sewn all the strip sets yet, but I think my idea is going to be pretty cool. Here are the strip sets I have so far.

Photo 3 strip sets I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts

I put the lighter pastel prints towards the center of the strip sets. I think it will be a subtle but cool design element in the end.

And then let’s cut the strip sets into the wedges for the bullseyes, why not.

Photo 4 bullseyes I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts

I like where this is headed, so I’ll keep going.

While I haven’t gotten too far yet, I’m well on my way! I’ll finish up the remaining strip sets, cut them into wedges, and then I’ll have some more decisions to make, like what should I use for those kite-shaped wedges in between the bullseyes? Should I add borders? I have a few ideas, but meet me back here in a month or two and we can go over them. See you then!


For more on this quilt, read I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts, Part 2.

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17 Responses to I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts

  1. Janet T says:

    Love it!! In fact, I am going to start sorting through my stash and see what I have to start one!!

  2. irene says:

    I have been trying to download patter for nuts and bolts quilt and keep receiving ERROR message! I love this quilt! any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Irene

  3. Kathy says:

    Irene, the download seems to be working properly, but here is the direct link to the pattern so you can copy/paste it into your browser window: http://www.mccallsquilting.com/content_downloads/NutsAndBoltsForWeb.pdf

  4. Betty Edwards says:

    I love this! I am going to have to see if I can do this next year! If I successfully finished quilt in process(Christmas gift) then I can do this. Can’t wait to check out fabrics!

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  6. JB says:

    the pattern only lets me print the first 2 pages before it kicks me off… seems to be a problem on your end of things, hope you can fix it, thanks,JB

  7. Kathy says:

    JB, the pattern seems to be working from this end, but it does take a little while to download. Here is the direct link to the pattern: http://www.mccallsquilting.com/content_downloads/NutsAndBoltsReducedSize.pdf
    Try to copy/paste that link into your browser. If that does not work, leave another comment and we’ll email you the file. -Kathy-

  8. Dot Brewer says:

    I too Loved this quilt! I choose to use more modern prints and each (bull eye) a different color. My Guild semi-annual quilt show was this weekend. I entered my quilt. Judged receiving a second place in my category . Very proud and honoring to have received Viewers Choice and WAQG members choice awards using this pattern.

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  10. Harriet Heliker says:

    I love Nuts and Bolts pattern but have no computer or printer just an I-Pad. How may I purchase this pattern? You told me my email was incorrect so I entered it again

  11. Kathy says:

    Harriet, I’m emailing you a copy of the pattern. Enjoy! -Kathy-

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