Twisted Zags: A Visit with Lisa Bluford

Bluford Lisa 225px Twisted Zags: A Visit with Lisa BlufordMeet guest blogger, quilt designer, and Etsy shop owner Lisa Bluford of Pieces of Cotton! Lisa’s strip-pieced Twisted Zags quilt is featured in the October/November 2015 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts magazine. Welcome, Lisa!


When I first started quilting, I was usually surprised over the way a quilt was constructed. For example, I would look at the kaleidoscope (sample below) and see a diamond shape. I didn’t expect that diamond to be constructed with triangles from neighboring blocks. My friend, Mandy, who got me started, frequently said: “It’s always easier than it looks.” What a wonderful truth!

Kaleidoscope 400px Twisted Zags: A Visit with Lisa Bluford

Twisted Zags FLAT 500px 225x300 Twisted Zags: A Visit with Lisa Bluford

Twisted Zags finishes 64 1/2″ x 88 1/2″.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes awhile to figure out the “easy” construction. Twisted Zags was an idea I had in my first year of quilting, but I couldn’t figure how to put it together, at least not without partial seams. I spent hours with graph paper and colored pencils, or InDesign on the computer, to no avail. Fast forward to March of 2013, when we received news that my step-daughter and her family were moving to Chattanooga from Honolulu. I intended to make my grandson a zigzag quilt as a landing gift and assumed I’d have to settle for a simple one. I was  surprised when I pulled up my notes on Twisted Zags and the blocks were immediately apparent. I’m guessing I have a few years of quilting experience to thank for that!

chains 550px 243x300 Twisted Zags: A Visit with Lisa Bluford


When time allows, I’d like to play around more with these blocks to create different layouts. My first will be these bold chains.






If you make a quilt out of the Twisted Zags blocks, I’d love the chance to see it. Use the hashtag #TwistedZags on Instagram, or contact me through my blog,


Twisted Zags 600px Twisted Zags: A Visit with Lisa Bluford


Thanks so much, Lisa! If you’d like to make the Twisted Zags lap size quilt and don’t yet have a copy of the October/November issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts, you can purchase print and digital copies of the magazine here, or download the pattern separately  from our online shop. Quilt kits and backing fabric are also available.

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One Response to Twisted Zags: A Visit with Lisa Bluford

  1. Nancy Conklin says:

    Thank you Lisa for your insight and words that suggest you can look at our quilt layouts different each time for a “new” design/pattern. I would love to make your pattern twisted zags….I will watch for the Oct/Nov issue.

    Of only,
    Nancy Conklin

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