16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!

Patterson Kathy 225px 150x150 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!The ideal bobbin storage system allows you to instantly identify what kind of thread is on the bobbin, while also keeping that thread from unwinding and ending up in a tangled mess. I recently asked our Facebook page followers how they store their bobbins, and they came up with so many great ideas! Watch this video for the best of the best, to inspire your personal bobbin bliss.

Open 500 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!

So there you have it…16 quilter-favorite, tried-and-true ways to get those bobbins organized. Find the one that works best for you, and you’re on your way to true bobbin happiness.

Organize Prize 300px 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!What are your favorite sewing room organization tips? Leave a comment below by September 15 and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for this fun tote filled with products to help spiff up your sewing space. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents, excluding Quebec.

We have our winner! Congratulations to Beverly J. Smith of Fountain, Colorado!


For your convenience, here are links to sources to order these bobbin storage systems featured in the video:

bobbinbuddies 150x150 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!bobbintower1 150x150 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!     barnyarnsdotcodotuk 150x150 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!

DPODW100714 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!And if most of your sewing space mess is fabric (I’m looking at you, stash hoarders), contributing editor Laura Stone Roberts has many tips specifically for fabric organization in her on-demand web seminar. Get details by clicking on the image.



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128 Responses to 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER!

  1. Judy Reeves says:

    I use the bobbin boxes from Hobby Lobby. When I don’t use the weekly coupon for something else. I buy a bobbin box. Hinged lids that stay shut, plus complete visibility.

  2. Judy Reeves says:

    I don’t like the rings as well, too expensive and they can pop out.

  3. Severe Mom says:

    I like the cut clear tubing idea. I think I will combine this with the straw idea to keep my bobbins and thread together neatly.

  4. Lorraine ziola says:

    I’ve never thought about organizing my bobbins, now I have ever so many ideas to take charge with. Thanks

  5. Bonnie says:

    I got this tip a few years ago….use a coffee filter to catch your run away loose threads….It really works. Keep it next to your machine and if it gets knocked off the threads stay in there! Try it!

  6. DaNita says:

    My favorite organization tool is hard plastic scrapbook totes, I keep UFO’s in them and collections of fabrics I don’t yet have a plan for that go together. I purchase them when they are on Sale for 40 – 50%.

  7. Phyllis Evans says:

    I use the plastic boxes that are meant for matchbox cars to store my thread. A different now for embroidery thread and another for all purpose. They also have room for matching bobbins.

  8. Sandra Robertson says:

    I store my matching bobbin under the spool of thread on my spool organizer hanging on the wall. I also have the thread organized by rows of colors, cotton, hand quilting ,etc.

  9. Lori M says:

    Hello I store my bobbins on a small rack for thread..It has small wooden dowels and I have hung it from the ceiling so it is flat, above my sewing machines…I also took a curtian rod and added shower curtain rings and they hold my rulers as I want as much room on my table for moving fabric….

  10. The 16 of the Best bobbin storage tips was inspirational. I store mine in flat sectioned plastic storage boxes from Michaels. With the straw idea presented in the video, I can now just store them in open boxes. Thank-you for the wonderful information, especially since I wind five or six of the same color before starting a quilt project.

  11. Debbie Crawford says:

    I bought 24″ wooden oak doors at a salvage company and varnished them. I have the most beautiful sewing table tops that sit on IKEA file cabinets as my sewing tables.

  12. Judi Jordan says:

    Some really great alternative options. I use the bobbin donut product and think it works the best for me. Have tried others but not the pedicure sponges. Cool idea!

  13. Chris says:

    I am finding over-the-door shoe organizers a great way to store a lot of your sewing notions and project needs safely and out of the way. Also living in an apartment lots of plastic totes for now.

  14. Debby T says:

    I have the trays where the bobbins sit on their sides. When I move one the thread seems to always come unwound. I have some clear tubing so I’m going to use that to control the thread and allow the bobbins to still sit in the cases. Meanwhile, I have thread cases with short spindles. I can use straws to lengthen the spindles allowing the bobbin which goes with that thread to be stored as well. In a pinch, such as a cat chewed spool of thread, I can use straws as replacement spools until I can locate my stash of antique wooden spools which disappear to become “barrels or other things” for Hot Wheel race tracks or obstacles for remote controlled cars. The kids like wood and the cat prefers plastic, go figure.

  15. Maureen Niemeyer says:

    Golf Tees! Brilliant. I use the Dritz bobbin boxes and label each box according to the thread maker, thread type, and thread weight. Then each sewing machine has it’s own set of bobbin boxes so grandkids don’t accidentally try to use the wrong bobbin. I also use a plastic box for each machine which is labeled for that machine and it contains all accessories and feet for that machine. 5 or 6 pre-teens in your sewing room at the same time requires alot of organization! Thanks for the great video.

  16. Tammy Wurz says:

    My best tip is that I take empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and wrap my unused binding on it and then pin it down. I then unwind a metal clothes hanger and put the rolls on that and then hang it on my slatted closet doors. Now I can see what I already have for binding without having to cut more!!

  17. JanetP says:

    I use an old hamper to store my batting scraps (for small projects), to keep them separated from my untouched packages. You could also use a tall laundry basket. I also try to mark the approximate size of the remaining batting on the plastic sleeve so that I also know the fiber content as well as the size.

  18. Rosalie says:

    I try to make my binding when I make the backing, so once the quilt comes back from the quilter it is ready to go.

  19. Judy says:

    I use the little scrunchie hair elastic to put around my bobbins, I have different container for the different threads types, works OK

  20. Chris Peterson says:

    I keep major projects, while I’m collecting fabrics and supplies to complete them, in totes received from quilt shows until I’m ready to stitch them.

  21. Aggiequilter says:

    I store bobbins in small clear divided craft boxes, works well for me!
    My best sewing room tip is one I got from my daughter recently, using clear shoe organizer bags hung on closet doors to keep tools and notions easy to see … so handy compared to searching in drawers. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks ! LOL
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  22. Kay says:

    I use a small wine rack to hold cans and bottles of starch, basting spray, etc. It has a flat top for holding various glues and other smaller bottles.

  23. Lynne Kubik says:

    I love the little pink clips idea – helps to keep the bobbins from unwinding. I also liked the straw idea. I have been using the round holders but still have a problem with them coming unwound if it isn’t full. The pedicure foam is a good idea. Will have to try some of these to see which I like best. Thanks for all ideas! Gives one plenty of options to try to see what works best since not everyone likes the same idea.

  24. Carol Payne says:

    I like the crochet scarf hanger from IKEA to hold the strips I cut from scraps.

  25. Kathy Blascyk says:

    I have used a couple of the bobbin organization tips and for kits and fabric I like to use the 31 totes to keep things organized. Always looking for new ways to keep things in order.

  26. Myrna says:

    I use a bobbin storage container from Create for Less called New Phase. I use mini scrunchies and vinyl tubing cuts around the bobbins. The tubing allows me to see thread colors. I am a fan of keeping my thread in containers to minimize exposure to air and light. I also keep my smaller folded yardage (fat 1/4′s, etc.) in the plastic bins salad greens come in that you buy from the grocer. I store them by color or type and tape that word on the end of the container and stack them on my bookshelves in my sewing area. Love hearing about others tips!

  27. Laurie says:

    Love the clear tubing idea. Could easily be combined with some of the other storage ideas like ice cube trays. Thanks for the tips!

  28. Tamars Jone says:

    Videos could be better if its could get subtitles. Thanks. like the way you introduce yourself!

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