Customizing Baby Quilt Patterns

Patterson Kathy 70px Customizing Baby Quilt PatternsBaby quilts are so very special. In the McCall’s Quilting office, we sometimes refer to baby quilt patterns as the gateway drug…a baby quilt is often the very first quilt someone attempts, and it also often leads to many more, bigger, even better quilts! But whether your next baby quilt is your very first or your hundredth, there are lots of fun ways to make personalized baby quilt patterns and since it’s for baby, customizing is definitely worth the effort.

Now, I’m not recommending you make a Feathered Star to make your baby quilt a special one. Baby quilts should be simple enough that the parents won’t look at them and think “we are NEVER GETTING THIS DIRTY”. We want our quilts to be used, every day if possible, and loved to within an inch of their lives.

But there are some easy things you can do with basic baby quilt patterns to make them extra special. How about:

Selecting fabrics that represent something special to the new parents. When my animals composite Customizing Baby Quilt Patternsniece Alysia was expecting, I found fabrics featuring animals from around the world and incorporated them into my baby quilt design, since she and her husband are both intrepid travelers and animal lovers. It made the quilt really personal with no extra fuss at all.



Warm Fuzzies 300px Customizing Baby Quilt Patterns

Using extra-cuddly fabrics. Flannel and plush fleece are both good options, and with just a bit of special handling they can add loads of comfort to a simple pieced baby quilt pattern.






Adding a label with baby’s date and time of birth and height/weight statistics. A quilt label only takes a few minutes to put together, and gift quilts should definitely have labels anyway, so why not personalize?

Making the entire quilt a custom piece! I’m working on a quilt like this right now, adding a giant appliquéd initial to a simple pieced background. E1 289x300 Customizing Baby Quilt Patterns

No matter how you decide to customize your next baby quilt, I hope it brings joy to you, the new parents, and that adorable baby as well.

Here are more inspiring baby quilt ideas!

ebook Customizing Baby Quilt Patternsbig block Customizing Baby Quilt Patterns      modern  Customizing Baby Quilt Patterns


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