How to Bind a Quilt: Q & A

Photo C 300x195 How to Bind a Quilt: Q & ASo many quilters have questions about traditional quilt binding. What’s the best width of strips to cut? How do I piece the strips together? How do I get nice mitered corners? How do I stitch down the back of the binding?

The toughest part of binding a quilt, for me, has always been joining the ends. For many years, I kept a “cheat sheet” in my sewing table drawer and had to refer to it carefully every time I came to that part of the process. But not any more!

McCall’s Quilting associate editor Sherri Bain Driver has taught many, many quilters to create lovely bindings, and her tips were what finally allowed me to get rid of my “cheat sheet”. The way she joins the ends is so simple and natural, it’s easy to remember once you’ve tried it. We have FREE videos available on our website 24/7 showing Sherri demonstrating every step of her binding method. So even if you reach a critical step in the process at 3AM…we’ve got answers ready for you when you need them!

Watch Sherri demonstrate every step of the traditional quilt binding process right here:

Quilt Binding: Joining the Strips
Quilt Binding: Sewing Binding to the Quilt
Quilt Binding: Joining the Ends
Quilt Binding: Turning and Hand Stitching

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And check out even more quilt binding tips here:

Winters Night binding corner 300px 150x150 How to Bind a Quilt: Q & AFREE Lesson: Making and Applying Extra-Wide Quilt Binding




Beth 300px 150x150 How to Bind a Quilt: Q & AFREE Video: How to Make Continuous Bias for Quilt Binding




Want more help with quilt binding? Here are some products you may enjoy:


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  1. cathy says:

    My corners when turned never are even with the rest of the binding they are smaller, shorter and uneven on the underside? I measure and make the corners even on top the fold is on the line with the edge? Help.

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