Editor’s Favorites Make Searching Easy for You!

EdFaves icon300px 150x150 Editors Favorites Make Searching Easy for You!When you’re frustrated with searching for the perfect quilt pattern, kit, or book, where do you turn? We’d like to suggest the McCall’s Quilting Editor’s Faves website pages! Our carefully curated “super pages” group quilt patterns, blocks, kits, and more by subject and season, making them your one-stop private search engine. Let us do the looking for you…that leaves you with more time for quilting!

Halloween is fast approaching, and our Halloween Editor’s Faves page has lots of free quilt patterns, adorable quilt kits for sale, and other treats (no tricks!).

And it’s not too soon to think about Christmas quilting projects. Our Christmas Editor’s Faves page is packed with ideas for everything from super-fast to super-fantastic quilting. It’s sure to be your go-to place for filling out your holiday quilting gift list.

Take the grind out of your quilting search engine…check out the McCall’s Quilting Editor’s Faves pages today!


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One Response to Editor’s Favorites Make Searching Easy for You!

  1. Carolr Taylor says:

    McCalls is an excellent choice for quilters of all levels. The fabric give away is awesome for all of us! I would love to win the fabric!

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