Win a Complete Quilt Kit (plus backing!)


QA logo 300x116 Win a Complete Quilt Kit (plus backing!)Are you quilting along with us? The McCall’s Quilting quilt along program is officially one year old, and we’re really enjoying making the videos and pattern downloads that allow the McCall’s Quilting staff to quilt along with you in your own home. These series are FREE for a limited time when first released, so you definitely want to stay on top of our schedule. After that, they are available to purchase at Daily Craft TV. So far, we’ve done Accent on Amish, Surf & Sand, Fancy Flowers (hurry…free through March 31), Make It Your Way! (our current free class), and Studio Sampler (starts May 2…preorder kits here), and we have several more planned for 2014.

To celebrate our quilt-along anniversary, we’re going to give away a complete quilt kit plus backing for the Accent on Amish design. Click here to enter for a chance to win; contest dates are March 21-31. A winner will be randomly chosen and notified on April 1 (no fooling). And thank you so much for quilting along with us!

Contest is over. Congratulations to our winner, Deb Hoerst of Milford, PA!

Click here for purchase information for the Accent on Amish kit information.

Please click here for official contest rules.

MQK13031 300x300 Win a Complete Quilt Kit (plus backing!) Backing 300x300 Win a Complete Quilt Kit (plus backing!)

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247 Responses to Win a Complete Quilt Kit (plus backing!)

  1. Maria Laurence says:

    Winning this would be awesome. Thank you.

  2. sue Bass says:

    looks great I would love to try it!

  3. Susan says:

    Beautiful pattern and colors, so many beautiful choices.

  4. Linda says:


  5. Janie Pickle says:

    I sure would love to win the complete quilt, love the colors oh just love everything about it.

  6. Janie Pickle says:

    Would love to win this quilt, just love everything about it. Thanks for the chance

  7. Janie Pickle says:

    Thanks for the chance to win .

  8. Pauline Perry says:

    I love the AMish style and the colours in this gorgeous quilt are really lovely. I would love to make it. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  9. Kary Miller says:

    I’m Fairly New At Quilting, But This Pattern Is Beautiful And I Would Love To Try It.

  10. Colleen Krall says:

    I would love to make this quilt!

  11. Marty says:

    very interesting patterns

  12. Linda Cartwright says:

    What a beautiful kit!

  13. Julie Urbancik says:

    Would love to win this. It is so pretty.

  14. claire curl says:

    This is awesome. I truly would love for this to be the first project I get to make in my new.craft room my husband built for me.

  15. Rita Detwiler says:

    It is beautiful

  16. Gail Dooley says:

    I love the colors and this kit would make a nice addition to my Spring quilting time.

  17. sue Bass says:


  18. jill hennes says:

    I would cherish this quilt

  19. angie asanders says:


  20. Lori H. says:

    I really like this quilt- thanks for the chance.


  22. connie from St. Louis says:

    Would love to win this kit, it is gorgeous. So simple in color but so outstanding.

  23. Rebecca Kemp says:

    LOVE the backing! This would be a great project after completing a couple of Quilt for Kids projects!

  24. LeighZ says:

    Love the look! Beautiful colors!!

  25. LeighZ says:

    Love the colors!!

  26. Debi Lohr says:

    This quilt is amazing, love the Amish look.

  27. Karen Taylor says:

    I would love to win this – complete it and donate it to somewhere for kids, older folks, vets. I bet I could find a place. Even an auction to raise funds!

  28. sue Bass says:


  29. Heather Norris says:

    I love this quilt!

  30. Margaret L says:

    I’m always amazed at what you can do with a log cabin block. Also, I’ve come to decide that COLOR makes all the difference — whether in a quilt or on the walls! I’m just a novice….

  31. Susan Lozano says:

    I just love the colors of Amish quilts and have always wanted to make one!!

  32. This quilt is beautiful.

  33. nel fraker says:

    would love to win the quilt kit…..

  34. barbara woods says:

    Great quilt

  35. martha ann says:

    I seen the videos on how to do this quilt! Loved how it all came together and appeared so easy to do. Would LOVE to give it a go!

  36. LaDon Garner says:

    I’ve always wanted to try to do an Amish quilt. I love the colors & would love to win it .

  37. Brenda Williams says:

    What a lovely pattern. I would be delighted to challenge my fairly new quilting skills on this kit.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. Rochelle Biermann says:

    Would love to try this one. Very Pretty.

  39. rebecca says:

    Would love to make an Amish style quilt! Thank you

  40. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  41. Deanne says:

    Newbie to quilting and I am so fascinated with all of the colors, patterns and endless possibilities!

    I would LOVE to win this kit. I think it will be a great introduction to a lifetime of quilting beautiful keepsakes!

  42. Roseanne Brown says:

    I would love to win and try this fun quilt.

  43. Cindy Koll says:

    This is a pretty combination of colors. I would love to be the winner!

  44. Ann says:

    Oh, how beautiful, I like the pattern.

  45. GAYLIA REICKS says:

    Love the colors

  46. This would be the most Amazing Quilt i could ever make with my very own hands!
    Such Beautiful material, I hope i win! I would LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

  47. terri herman says:

    I have not tried a kit before,

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