Facebook 100,000 Fans Milestone: Enter to WIN!

Valerie blog2 Facebook 100,000 Fans Milestone: Enter to WIN!


Join us for a Facebook milestone celebration: when we reach 100,000 fans on the McCall’s Quilting Facebook page, we’ll give away this absolutely scrumptious 40-fat-quarter bundle of Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters for Moda! (That’s 10 yards of fabric!)Paris Flea Market 3 Sisters Moda Bundle Facebook 100,000 Fans Milestone: Enter to WIN!This collection of fabrics features delicate floral rose prints and coordinates in hues of aqua glass, veranda green, ballet pink, rouge, cream and lemon. Here’s just a tiny sampling of swatches from this lovely collection.

Paris Flea Mkt swatch Facebook 100,000 Fans Milestone: Enter to WIN!

Contest is over—congratulations to the random winner of the Paris Flea Market fat quarter bundle, Kathy Reiman of Leander, Texas!

Play along, and enter to win! Follow the easy steps below:

  1. “Like” McCall’s Quilting on Facebook!
  2. Click here to enter to win the contest.

Look for the image of the fabric bundle on our Facebook page and click “share” to help spread the word; the faster we reach 100,000 fans, the faster we’ll be able to choose a winner!

When we reach 100,000 fans, one random winner will be selected and notified within 24 hours via email. The winner’s name and city will also be posted to our Facebook page.

Note: Please click here for official rules. We value all of our readers, whether in or outside of the U.S. While we wish that it was possible to include everyone in our contests, it isn’t. Holding contests has complex legal implications that preclude us from being able to offer prizes except in the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec).

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543 Responses to Facebook 100,000 Fans Milestone: Enter to WIN!

  1. Eula Morrissey says:

    Buetiful Fabric Colletion !! I have always loved paisley and to find it in aqua with the other color Colletions would be such a treat to work with !

  2. The fabric is wonderful. I would love to create a work of art with it. Make a picture quilt like I do for my grand babies. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyon

  3. Jan Sheets says:

    I get excited everytime I see this fabric, thinking of all the things I could use it for! Thanks for offering this drawing, I can only hope to be one of the lucky winners!

  4. Geni Pickens says:

    Would love to win this bundle to add to my tiny stash if I don’t think of a project to use it in before, lol!!

  5. Pamela Footen says:

    It’s been a year since i have been sewing. My hubby passed a year ago and i haven’t done any sewing. Just went in the other day to clean up my sewing room becasue i want to start again. Thanks so much for a chance to win

  6. Marsha Bullwinkle says:

    The fabric is beautiful and it would be wonderful to win it.

  7. Hoping my name will be entered……seems like I kept going to another window. I love those fat quarters….beautiful!!!!

  8. Dorothy Kipling says:

    Beautiful fabric

  9. Judy Blow says:

    I sure love these fat quarters it would be so much fun to work with them. Sure hope I win!!

  10. Judy Blow says:

    Oh how Beautiful!!

  11. Kathy johnson says:

    Such beautiful fabric! I’d so love to make a quilt out of it!!

  12. Hazel Dickinson says:

    luscious collection

  13. Kathy johnson says:

    Such beautiful fabric! I’d so love to win and make a quilt out of it!!

  14. Cindy Rugenstein says:


  15. Della Lewis says:

    After many years of NOT quilting and sewing, I am just starting to set up a sewing room so I can start making the quilts and gifts that used to give me so much joy. I have no fabrics stashed away as I used to. If I were to win this contest it would give me a chance to start sewing again without costing me an arm and a leg, which is important because and am unemployed now and filing for retirement (that will only be enough for bare necessities). Wish me luck!

  16. maggie buzzell says:

    I want to win the fat quarter.

  17. ellie says:

    Sure could find a used for that bundle!!!!

  18. Tammy Swaner says:

    Fat quarters are always great to work with. A great variety of colors and patterns. Would love to win this. Let’s choose somebody from Idaho

  19. Irene says:

    Would love to win these great fabrics.

  20. Great fabrics would love to win.

  21. Fern Koch says:

    I’d love to win these beautiful fabrics!!!

  22. Lucy Forquer says:

    love, love, love this fabric

  23. Lucy Forquer says:

    love, love this fabric

  24. Kim Roesch says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Beautiful fabric!!!!

  25. Lucy Forquer says:

    Totally in love with these!!!

  26. connie from St. Louis says:

    What a beautiful fabric pack. I could make some little girl very happy with a quilt made from it.

  27. Teresa Hoagland says:

    There is absolutely nowhere on this page to sign up for a contest of any kind.

  28. Teresa Hoagland says:

    I’m really tired of going around in circles.none of the links you provide do anything about and entry form. so your suggestion you sent to me is useless.

  29. Kathy Johnson says:

    Just starting to quilt and would LOVE to win this prize. Really enjoy your shop. Come on number 100,000!

  30. Carolyn Garrett says:

    I think this would make a beautiful quilt

  31. Carol Martin says:

    Love to use these fabrics in a quilt.

  32. connie from St. Louis says:

    Would love to win, the fabric is gorgeous.

  33. DIGNA WILSON says:

    I love this collection is super cute and love the colors.I wish i can win ,i can make a pretty quilt for my grandaughter.IT’S LOVELEY..

  34. sally jones says:

    I think these fabrics would make a great quilt.

  35. RoseMary Baty-Willcox says:

    Hope my name is in the running, can’t find where to enter.

  36. Something new to sew-learning to quilt.

  37. Maureen Gunton says:

    this site is not user friendly -I have tried to register to win your prize but to no avail – it seems a bit of a con or scam to me to get people to your site – there is not entry form etc so obviously my name will not go into your draw – last time I will bother

  38. sherelyn nichol says:

    Hat a wonderful bundle

  39. Laurie Weimar says:

    Beautiful, I’d love to win this.

  40. Dwynette Valenti says:

    I would love to enter and win, but, alas, the link doesn’t work, at least for my ipad!

  41. Bernadine Baranowski says:

    Would love to make a quilt with these wonderful fabrics. I’d give it my best shot since I’m a beginner at quilting.

  42. Linda Shanks says:

    Fabric collector <3

  43. Gail Lamont says:

    I would love love to win these beautiful material.

  44. Brenda says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the 100,000 milestone

  45. I certainly hope this is how you enter for this contest…I’d love to have that fabric,

  46. Sally Shields says:

    Very pretty fabric! Hope I’m a winner. Just ordered McCalls Quick Quilts last week.

  47. Joyce Gardner says:

    Love these colors.

  48. Corinna Honer says:

    Love the designs.

  49. Becky Budde says:

    I love the vintage Victorian look.

  50. Linda Scott says:

    I love this fabric!!!!!

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