Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Storybook Baskets Quilt Block

block 300px Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Storybook Baskets Quilt Block

I’ll admit, I really don’t know or understand the history of May Day, but I have fond memories associated with it nonetheless. Having been instructed on the tradition by our mother in our elementary school days, my younger brother and I would delight in gathering up dandelions and grape hyacinth flowers about the neighborhood, tying them into a bundle with string, placing said bundles on elderly neighbors’ doorsteps, then running and hiding after ringing their doorbells. Perhaps I’ll learn this was nothing but a delightfully creative invention of a young mother desperate to keep her children out of her hair, but I’ll forever connect the pleasant memory with May Day.

Today’s Friday Freebie is this sweet pieced 6″ Storybook Baskets Block. I might enjoy finding some favorite scraps and making one block into a little sachet pillow stuffed with lavender to commemorate May Day.

Click here for the link to download your FREE Storybook Baskets Quilt Block pattern.

Have you any May Day stories of your own to share? I’d love to hear them!

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Thanks for stopping by…enjoy!

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One Response to Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Storybook Baskets Quilt Block

  1. Steph Winn says:

    Love baskets! thank you!

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