Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Scrap Basket Bounty Pillowcase Pattern

FF pillowcase Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Scrap Basket Bounty Pillowcase PatternWho doesn’t love a good scrap-quilt pattern idea? This charming pair of pillowcases is
made of fabric scraps from multiple generations. Designers Sue Keck and Sue Shipman, their moms, and Sue Keck’s grandmother all contributed to the variety of prints, florals, and solids found in the pillowcases. The blocks are made of fabrics mostly from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. The cuffs are made of fabrics from the 70s and 80s.

Scrap sizes needed vary from 3½″ x 6½″ down to 1½″ x 1½″, so this is a great opportunity to justify having kept all those small scraps! For even greater variety, wouldn’t it be fun to find some quilting friends or family to exchange fabric scraps with?

Click here for the link to download your FREE Scrap Basket Bounty Pillowcase Pattern.

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2 Responses to Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Scrap Basket Bounty Pillowcase Pattern

  1. Joyce Y. Bennett says:

    I want the Scrap Quilt Pattern with the Scrap Basket Bounty Pillowcases. I don’t want one without the other. I have been taking McCallls Quilting for a long time and also take Quick Quilts and use them faithfully. They are good magazines.

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi Joyce,
    The quilt is fully patterned in America Loves Scrap Quilts Winter 2012/2013, which is available for purchase in print or digital download from our Quilt and Sew Shop. Thanks!

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