Tuesday Tutorial: Chain Piecing and Opposing Seams

Blog image Tuesday Tutorial: Chain Piecing and Opposing Seams

Welcome back to our Tuesday Tutorial! Today we’re going to review chain piecing and opposing seams. If you’re an absolute beginner, you may have heard of this technique, but not really know what it means. Kathy Patterson, our senior editor, uses squares from a simple baby quilt to demonstrate the chain piecing approach while telling you about several benefits of this method.

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chain1 Tuesday Tutorial: Chain Piecing and Opposing SeamsKathy continues with her demonstration by pressing the seams of her rows in opposing directions, and showing you how that enables you to stitch those rows together with perfectly nested seam allowances.

chain4 Tuesday Tutorial: Chain Piecing and Opposing SeamsClick here to watch our FREE video demonstration of chain piecing, pressing and piecing with opposing seams.

chain5 Tuesday Tutorial: Chain Piecing and Opposing SeamsTo save time, and improve your piecing results, you’ll want to use chain piecing and press your seams in opposing directions whenever you have the opportunity.

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