Tuesday Tutorial: Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety, and Maintenance

Blog image Tuesday Tutorial: Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety, and Maintenance


Were you a quilter before the invention of the ubiquitous rotary cutter? Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine cutting out fabric for a quilt without one!

Whether you’re already familiar with this wonderfully handy quilting gadget, or are just about to explore its usefulness, you’ll learn lots of useful tips in our free video. For this Tuesday Tutorial, I am pleased to present another one of our free McCall’s Quilting University (MQU) video lessons, Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety, & Maintenance. Your host for this video lesson is Ellie Brown, art director for McCall’s Quilting.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make sure your first fabric cut is straight (no v-shaped strips!)
  • How to choose a rotary cutter
  • Important safety and cutting-comfort considerations
  • Why you need a ruler specially designed for use with a rotary cutter
  • How to tell when your blade needs replacement
  • Tips for dis-assembly, re-assembly, and safe used-blade disposal

Note: please click image to go directly to the video lesson.

1 Tuesday Tutorial: Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety, and Maintenance

After you watch the video, be sure to download the free PDF as a handy guide to keep near your cutting table—you’ll find the link on the video page.

Improve your rotary cutting skills by taking a few minutes to watch the free Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety, & Maintenance video at McCallsQuilting.com – click here. Remember, this is just one of the FREE quilting video lessons available 24-7 from our library of FREE quilting lessons and videos at McCallsQuilting.com.

Don’t miss any of our Tuesday Tutorials—click here to see them all, or click any link below.


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2 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial: Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety, and Maintenance

  1. ana gomez says:

    es importante para mi ver todas sus instrucciones y aun cuando no se el ingles, con los
    vídeos recibo todas la ilustración necesaria para tener en cuenta en la labor de patchwork y quilting. felicitaciones y gracias. s

  2. Krissy says:

    I guess I needed this, I chopped the edge of my finger while using a heavy duty rotary cutter. Had to go to ER. Rotary use definitely needs some guidance. I am not a beginner, but you can’t tell by my finger.

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