Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Amish Nine-Patch Quilt Pattern

Familiar with the phrase, “Everything old is new again”? Solid fabrics that are enjoying growing popularity today certainly had their place in the past, as well. With so many hues of solids currently available from a variety of manufacturers, what colorways might you choose?

Amish Nine Patch Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Amish Nine Patch Quilt PatternThis 77½″ square circa 1940 Amish Nine-Patch quilt is part of the former Esprit collection, and was displayed at the Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Quilt & Textile Museum in 2007.

Click here to find the link to download your FREE Amish Nine-Patch quilt pattern, compliments of McCall’s Quilting.

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2 Responses to Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Amish Nine-Patch Quilt Pattern

  1. Fotoula Evgenou says:

    As a customer of you,i wonder if i can order the needed fabric for the free amish patern

  2. Valerie says:

    Hello, Thanks for checking, but we do not have a kit available for this pattern.

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