Quilt Receiver #2 – Little Tee

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Little Tee came into our lives 4 or 5 years ago. I honestly can’t remember, I feel like I’ve known her her whole life. With Little Tee also came another joy, her little sister, Maggs. Their dad married my husband Ryan’s sister and we added two more nieces to our large list of nieces and nephews, 18 total (19 is due in April).

Ryan says Little Tee and I are made out of the same mold. I agree with him, but there are a few differences; she has blond hair and blue eyes and can do a triple round off something or other. As for me, brown hair and brown eyes and I’ll be darned if I can even do a cartwheel.

TeeandTracee1 300x225 Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

(That’s Little Tee trying to straighten out my hair – it was quite the process.)

She has made my list, not because she is more important than our other nieces or nephews, but because she reminds me so much of myself. Like me, Little Tee wears her heart on her sleeve and never fears heartache. Like all of us that show too much of ourselves, we don’t fear heartache, we loathe it.

Little Tee calls me Aunt Tee and is as loving as the day is long. Most days I receive some sort of message from her telling me she misses me or how much she loves me. My response is usually the same; I miss you more, I love you more.

TeeandTracee2 190x300 Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

She lives with her family in Colorado as well. When we go up there to see them, she is always the first one running out of the house yelling, “Aunt Tee is here! Aunt Tee is here!” And always the first one to give me a hug. Maggs is never far behind, but she is usually climbing a tree, riding her bike, or trying to keep up with her big brother on a skateboard. Maggs is an all around tomboy, that is what she and I have in common. I was always trying to keep up with the boys, still am. icon wink Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

Little Tee is an artist who is always conjuring up ideas in her head. Very creative ideas at that. I remember when I was her age. Creativity in middle school wasn’t often encouraged. It was cooler to be like the crowd than different. It wasn’t until I got to high school that I realized my true passion, my love of the arts. Every time I see her, I encourage her to draw me something or make me something, and she does. I proudly display her work in my cubicle.

She also has recently decided to start playing the cello, the instrument I played for years. Ryan says she chose the cello because of me. I say she chose it because it’s the best instrument EVER!

I have a goal set that everyone of our nieces and nephews will get a twin size quilt from me before they go to college. I also plan on making them all a queen size wedding ring quilt, but hopefully I have some time on that one! Probably will start that project next year, but this year my goal is to spread my love of quilting to people in my life that might not really know much about it.

The quilt I chose to make for Little Tee is Baubles and Beads, by Susan Guzman. The pattern will be available for download in the next couple of weeks. It will be featured in our FREE ebook. The pattern will be posted here when it’s available.

pattern e1357842136309 225x300 Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

These are the fabrics I decided to use.

fabrics 300x225 Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

I cut all my fabric, then sewed together my blocks.

Blocks 767x1024 Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

I then sewed my rows together, using my design wall. icon wink Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

RowOne 767x1024 Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

A couple days later…

morequilt 767x1024 Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

And last night, I finished the top. Will start quilting it tomorrow.

top Quilt Receiver #2   Little Tee

Dorothy’s quilt is in its final stages of hand stitching the binding. I’ll be blogging on McCall’s site every Thursday, but I blog daily on my own site. Feel free to come on over for more detailed stories.


I’ll make sure next Thursday to post pictures of Dorothy getting her quilt, and the progress of Little Tee’s Quilt. Have a great weekend everyone!

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8 Responses to Quilt Receiver #2 – Little Tee

  1. Barbara Arnold says:

    Great job.

  2. Barbara Garris says:

    Beautiful…I really like the choice of colors for this. By the way, how do you get them to stay on the refrigerator door? I am looking forward to getting this pattern when it’s available.

  3. Sarah says:

    I think this is fantastic! I am enjoying reading your bio of each of the quilts:o) You are becoming an inspiration as well! Wooohooo!

  4. Linda says:

    I am inspired by your project. I also love to quilt and am drawn to fabrics for children. I have made twin quilts for my great nieces and nephews, as well as the youngest niece. I have enjoyed reading the blog about the quilt recipients and seeing the end results of your work. I can feel the love you are putting into each quilt as I read about why you have chosen the recipients. Bless you!

  5. Tracee says:

    Lego magnets. They work wonders. ;)

  6. diane says:

    I just stumbled across this blog and am so inspired. The most quilts I’ve been able to complete in one year was 12 – and I thought I was doing pretty good. Do keep pictures…It’s a great memory as well as record. I have a small photo album of just quilt projects. Inside the book it has room to write about the picture. There I write the pattern name, recipient, how I quilted it and the date it was completed. I read someone’s comment about taking a picture with the recipient. I have not done that in the past; but is a sweet idea that I may have to adopt. I will certainly keep up with your progress. Good Luck!!

  7. Susan Guzman says:

    Thanks for picking my design, Tracee! LOVE the fabrics you used! Good luck with your goal. Sounds like such fun!

    Susan Guzman

  8. Tracee says:

    Susan, I’m getting so many rave reviews on your design! People love it, so really, thank you!

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