The Process of Dorothy’s Quilt

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Thank you all so much for the encouraging words and wonderful stories! I enjoyed reading them!

Sherri started to teach me how to use the long arm quilting machine here at the office last night. I was extremely nervous, but very excited to get the opportunity to learn. I’m thinking by the 4th quilt I won’t need her to babysit me anymore. icon smile The Process of Dorothys Quilt Pinning1 e1357336271400 225x300 The Process of Dorothys Quilt

Here we are pinning the backing to the canvas. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, I was trying to retain all the information. So many different little things! This project helps me out too, I figure after 36 quilts, I should be pretty confident in front of the long arm.

IntheFrame1 1024x768 The Process of Dorothys Quilt

After taking our time making sure we loaded the quilt on the machine as tight as we could, we started quilting.

CloseUpQuilting 300x225 The Process of Dorothys Quilt

Here’s the back; I love pieced backings. The quilting is kind of crazy, but not too bad for my first one on a long arm.

FrontQuilted 300x225 The Process of Dorothys Quilt

CloseUpTopQuilted 300x225 The Process of Dorothys Quilt

And the top. I’ll finish the binding this weekend and start on quilt #2 . I am so excited to give this to Dorothy.

I know 36 sounds like a crazy amount of quilts, but I better do it this year – 37 is even crazier! But I’m confident I’ll finish – because I believe it will be the smiles I see when my “quilt receivers” get their quilts that will keep me on track.

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5 Responses to The Process of Dorothy’s Quilt

  1. Pam from CA says:

    Beautiful quilt and colors!! Love your inspirational story that is behind the quilt. I may use this design with some sports fabrics for my youngest grandson! Thank you for sharing and I will be following your quilting adventures this year.

  2. ruth shelton says:

    Your first quilt looks awesome. You have them all done at this rate. Good job. I love the purples and other colors you choose in this quilt. It just pops out. Thank you for sharing your progress.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Wonderful colors, vibrant! I read your post before this one and I think your idea is a generous one that will give you a good deal of experience. Now that’s a gift that gives back, don’t you think?

  4. Barbara Arnold says:

    Great job with the quilt. Be quite an accomplishment to make 36 bedsize quilt in a year. My dh says I am too picky to get that many done LOL. Think I could do that many whole cloth but not pcd. I have gave all my family so many lap size quilts all they want now is 90″. I have Juki 2000QI\Pinnacle out in garage that does not have AC and the heater runs light bill way up and we are retired and I seldom get paid for doing one. Also have Hinterberg 3 rail but Arthur makes it painful do do a lot of handquilting now. Sure miss it but don’t miss the pain that kept me from sleeping.

    Will get back in garage when weather warms. I have quilted 5 on it so far.

    I will follow your progress. Have fun.

  5. Trudy says:

    You sis a beautiful job, I’m so jealous.

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