A Fond Farewell

Quilts aren’t the only thing that turn on the gals at McCall’s Quilting

Twinkie A Fond FarewellUpon learning of the iconic Hostess bakery going out of business, a couple McCall’s staff members rushed to the closest grocer to bring back what remained of some Hostess classics – Ho Hos, CupCakes, Suzy Q’s and Twinkies! A group-email was promptly sent, and within moments all the McCall’s girls swarmed the cube for an impromptu binge! (Okay, more like 1 thoughtfully selected favorite – LOL.)

What favorite will you most miss? For me, it will be a tie between the classic Twinkie and the pink Sno Balls.


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9 Responses to A Fond Farewell

  1. suzie says:

    so it isn’t so…..no more sno-balls, it can’t be!!!! that’s the only thing that got me thru a horrible job for years was the promise of a sno-ball in my lunch bag!!!!!

  2. Kitty says:

    What!!! No more snowballs???? Can’t stand the thought of that :(

  3. Pat says:

    Farewell Twinkies … but not the memories they inspire!

  4. Catherine L. says:

    Twinkies, cupcakes, & Donettes! :’-(

  5. julia says:

    i love all of them and the snowballs and the litlle ho ho i will miss and susize Q

  6. Joanna says:

    Hostess Cupcakes are my favorites and I can’t believe they are going away.

  7. JoAnne T. says:

    So sad and so many people lost their jobs because of their union shutting down Hostess. No more of these tasty treats! Maybe we will be lucky and some other bakery company will start making them. Hostess cupcakes have been a favorite of mine for more than five decades since I was a little kid. Wow, they won’t be at the grocery the next time I shop. However will we manage?

  8. Karen says:

    Twinkies. Absolutely Twinkies. :-(
    Am I hearing that they are not really gone? :-)

  9. Karen says:

    Hostess still exists in Canada. They’ll probably export their sweets
    to USA.

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